POTC 2 already takes in $55 million in one day!


‘Pirates’ $55M estimated haul sets record - Yahoo! News


Oh, I believe it! We went to see it today and couldn’t even get in! The threatre was showing it on many screens, it was quite disappointing. We are going to try again tomorrow.


I just saw this
‘Pirates’ Hauls in $132M in Record Debut

I am so happy about this. I was really wanting this to break all box office records and it has.

MSN - News - ‘Pirates’ Hauls in $132M in Record Debut

This is great for Disney, and great for those of us who love Pirates, and LOVE Johnny!!


They actually announced in my theatre last night that it had broken the record and congratulated us on being part of history. Yay for Disney!


The theatre was mental yesterday when we went for the late afternoon showing and as we were comingout from the film another queue was forming eager to get in! This film will definatly be going down in history! And rightly so!


We just rented the 1st movie (which is taking us 3 days to watch - DS keeps falling asleep), and I can see why the second is so popular. Johnny Depp is just a hysterical character!