POTC 2 nears Billion Dollar Mark!


“Pirates” nears historic $1 billion mark - Yahoo! News


That’s pretty amazing. There was so much hype behind the other two top movies, this one seemed to come out of nowhere. I still need to see it!


How in the world did Titanic make $1.8 billion? I mean, it was a pretty good movie, but $1.8 billion? How is that possible?

Anyway… I’m glad PotC 2 is doing so well. It really was a GREAT movie… I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD…


What the really amazing thing is, Titanic only hit 1.8 billion with DVD/VHS sales. Pirates 2 is reaching the 1 billion mark on just ticket sales alone! Just imagine it’s total when the DVD is released! :eek:


Oh…I didn’t know that total included DVD/VHS sales. That makes a little bit more sense to me now… I wonder if PotC 2 will come close?


If PoTC 2 is already near the 2 Billion mark, IMAGINE when the DVD/VHSs are released!!! Surely PoTC 2 will surpass Titanic!


WOW. Go Pirates! :whistling That’s great!

I really hope it whoops Titanic though. I mean, Titanic is a great movie, but…I don’t see WHY it deserves to hold such a prestigious title? :huh: It’s kind of - um, not THAT special. LOL

LOTR I can understand though. Fantastic movie. Unbelievable movie. And I helped contribute to those numbers, because I saw it 6 times in the theater! :laugh: :pinch:


I did too!!! Great movies. The thing about LotR though is as it’s 3 different films it wont ever “beat” Titanic or Pirates. I’d bet if you put the total gross of all three films together (since it is one very connected story-more so than most film trilogies even) that it has made nearly that much if not more!


Very true!!


I just read this today. I didn’t realize the third movie was coming out so soon. I thought it wasn’t being released until 2008.

“Pirates” Booty Hits $1 Billion - Yahoo! News


POTC2 will be out by christmas on DVD. expect A LOT of sales…




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