POTC 2 number 1 again!


POTC has made $62,186,000 over the weekend and has already made$258,205,000 since it’s opening a week ago!! congratulations disney again!!


Wow! We had a sitter lined up for this past Thursday, but DD had a fever, and we had to cancel.


Get out there and see that film everyone!!!


The movie was very cool.

Not as cool as the RowdyRaider nor in Cavey’s league.

But cool.


We were going to go see it yesterday, but ended up out looking for kitchen tiles.
I think we might be going this week. Don’t tell Miss SMIG…


I knew there was a reason I liked you.


We went to see it on Saturday and really liked it!

Kind of took a dark turn this time, but that only made it more interesting to us. Definitely worth a look.


i must be the one of the very few people left on the planet that hasn’t seen POTC 2 yet! :eek: with summer classes and work, i’m pretty exhausted and can’t stay awake very long at night. i’m surprised i’m still awake now. i should be in bed for my 8:30 AM class tomorrow. i do hope to go this weekend to see it, even if it kills me.


Tragic, make sure you’re awake when you go see the movie. I will admit I dozed off for a few VITAL minutes (missed something very important), but that’s because we saw the movie after a long, long day, not because it was boring at all. You should get the most out of it when you’re perky and alive. PIRATES should last out the summer, so you have time to see it.

I look forward to making time to seeing it again.


I am dying to see this movie !! It looks so good !!!


I am so not happy! We went to see it last night. Just 15 minutes from the end, the babysitter calls to say 5yo DS is “out of control.” Turns out he hit her and told her he was going to “kill her.” So we had to leave the theater, drive home, and deal with this.

He’s a foster child, so we are not legally allowed to stuff him into a burlap sack and throw him off a bridge into the river. :dry:

But he has spent the ENTIRE day in his room. And, man, is he one unhappy kid. We even had other kids over for a pre-arranged playdate, and he was not allowed to come out while his siblings played with the other kids.

So anyway, I still don’t know how it ends. But to be honest, I wasn’t enjoying it so much that I want to sit through another 2hrs 15min to pick up where we left off.


I actually saw it for the second time last night and liked it way better than the first time. I think I understood more of what was going on the second time. I’m just saying, it might be worth the second viewing…

That stinks that your movie night had a not-so-happy ending!


Oh,Man, Cavey. Sorry to hear about your night being ruined. I don’t know how I’d even deal with this. I know this isn’t really the place to discuss it, but sounds like a pretty heavy situation going on there with your foster child. Hope you were able to sort things out.

As for the movie – well, technically - it doesn’t end until next Spring when the third chapter comes out. Sorry you weren’t enjoying it up till then, but maybe you’ll get to see the rest on video or something by the time the third one rolls aroudn.


I ALMOST left work today to go to the local theater and see if they’d let me watch the last 15 minutes.


I think this is a movie you have to see twice. It’s too hard to catch every detail the first time. I did that with the first one. Went on Saturday with my dd, loved it so much I went back the next day and saw it again with dh - and I enjoyed it better the second time. I’m going to see it again this weekend and I bet there’ll be things I didn’t even pick up on the first time.

Sorry about the kid- trouble Cavey. Hope you guys can get it all sorted out.


Maybe it’s because I can’t drag myself out of the theater… I could watch it back-to-back-to-back… :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


I loved pirates 2!!! i have to say, i might have liked the first one more though…