POTC makes $401 million!


yep, $401,053,000 to be exact in a matter of 7 weeks!


HOLY CRAP!!! That’s AWESOME!!! :pirate:


That puts them at #7 on the all-time box office. It looks like they have a chance to bump of Spiderman (at $403M) and reach #6. But they need $432M to reach #5. That’s unlikely, since they only brought in $5M last weekend. (Since when did $5M count as ONLY???).


Aquaman beat Spiderman! (those of you who watch Entourage will appreciate that :laugh: )


HOLY COW. This is all my dad ever talks about, for a while he kept reminding me how much it made on opening weekend. :laugh:


LOL, I watched that episode after PotC had overtaken Spiderman. It’s too bad it didn’t have that record before that episode. It would have been kind of fun to have PotC mentioned!


:eek: WOWZA!!! :eek:

I think I read that it has made $800+ million worldwide. Talk about a HAUL!


:eek: :eek: :eek: and triple :eek:!



As of Aug-21-2006 it is a $923.8 million worldwide, and it has yet to open in Italy and Greece, so it may end up on the number 3 list behind Titanic (1.8) and LOTR ROK (1.1) to gross more than a billion dollars world wide…

I’d REALLY like to see it (and Captain Jack) again myself. :slight_smile:

I’m smelling a definitely possiblity that we’ll see a POTC 4…


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I am speechless.


I wish I could make that much money in 7 weeks lol!