POTC Online


…does anyone (besides me and Queensmama) play this game?:happy:


Not I, said the fly. Maybe I’ll go lurk.


I’ve played it a bit…still trying to figure it all out. It seems pretty fun, though!!


Nope, I don’t wanna train, I don’t like the way the characters look, I am still in love with that little bimbette I turned out to be on VMK :crying:


I never tried VMK or Pirates on-line. I am afraid to try it or I might get all caught up on it. haha.


I tried it, but it slowed my computer down.


Nah, after VMK I just don’t wnat to get that emotionally involved again…:pirate:

lol, seriously I dont care for the looks of it either. I miss my old POTC game, but they do give VMK players a free month.


I think MissSMIG does, but not sure