PotC open again?


Is PotC re-opened at DL today?

I leave in a few day and will be heart broken if I can’t ride (ok ok I just might die).

sorry for the drama…but it is PotC so I’m sure ya’ll can understand.


Outlook Good.


Sounds open (& pretty crazy) to me!!! Tigger, get ready to arrive EARLY when you want to check it out!! It looks like I will be doing “early entry” on Thursday!



YES Tigger it’s open! They did some soft openings in the morning hours yesterday, but it’s 100% open today. DH and I went to ride it this morning…and got the shock of our lives. :eek:

Wanna know where the line was??? :tongue:

MAIN STREET. And I’m not even joking! We walked into the park at 9 (an hour after it had opened) and there was a line ending at the flagpole…stretching all the way down Main Street…into Frontierland, into an elaborate multi-switchback queuing (sp?) sytem on the banks of the Rivers of America…to more elaborate switchback queuing outside the Pirates entrance…to the actual Pirates queue…down the side of the Disney Gallery building and back…and finally 2 lines INTO the Pirates building.

The wait time posted on the board was 180 minutes. And I bet that was being stingy.

Needless to say, we haven’t done it yet! :whistling We’re going to be here first thing tomorrow morning to try and tackle it. OH MY GOSH the park is craaaaaaazy!


these are the pictures joy (Twist1980) sent me of PARTS of the line…
she reported the same thing dznygrl. What am I in for?!?!? I think were gonna take advantage of the early entry Thursday morning and RUN to Pirates. Yikes!


Great pics! It’s cool having someone on the inside like that, sending you “live feed!” Heehee.

Well Wish, all I can tell you is go full steam ahead with your plans…use early entry for all it’s worth and RUN to Pirates if you can! :laugh: I was not expecting anything like this. The parks have been UNBELIEVABLE ever since Friday and the Pirates premiere. :wacko: I’ve never seen anything like this!!

A word of advice: if you find yourself getting stressed out from the crowds (and oppressive heat! It is SO HUMID here! :blow:) just grab a Dole Whip…or even better, a Dole Whip float! :mickey: I was verrrrrry cranky from the crowds and heat today, so I got a Dole Whip Float and suddenly I was feeling very blissed out. :happy:


Thanks guys!

I can’t wait to go…I don’t know if it will be Fri, Sat, or Sun…what would be the better day?


I’m gonna try one of those Dole whips one of these days!!! :c)

That line is CRAZY!!! Holy COW!


Dole Whips are your anwser to everything now a days…what will you do when you get back to OR?


I am assuming to just pick your poison. haha! I am so glad we are going into this EXPECTING it to be REALLY crazy 'cause at least we’ll be prepared.:cool:


I don’t know! :crying: I have 2 more days to get my fill…I had one this morning, and we got back in line a few hours later for another. But the line wasn’t moving…so I think I’ll have to try again a little later! I can’t get enough of them!!!

Oh…and I would go with Friday. I think any day is going to be crazy, but avoiding weekends here is ALWAYS a better bet. :mickey:



I am now kinda glad I didn’t try to spend all the money I had to arrive stateside in time to attend this:blink: