POTC opening


I was booking my birthday tip to Disneyland according to an opening date I found, June 26th, of the POTC online. I told my friend Mauriah I was going, and when she asked why I wasn’t going on my birthdate I told her I wanted to wait for Pirates to open up, because I really wanted to see Jack Sparrow and it’s one of my favorites. She then said; “It opens on July 7th, not June 26th.” I was shocked! I really want to ride POTC, but I don’t really want to postpone my birthday that much, and my friend can’t go on July. I wouldn’t have believed anyone else, but Mauriah is the only of my friends who loves Disneyland as much as me- maybe even more!
Is this true? I’m still confused. I could swear it opens June 26th, I’m wishing it does! But this makes me wonder- should I wait until then, or just take my chances with a soft opening? They say they start on June 5th. If I wait until the opening date, it might be realllllly crowded.

I’m stumped. :nonono2:


I’ve heard July for both DL and WDW, timed with the movie. I even got a flyer in my KH2 game that said both would open on July 7.


July 7th is the date for WDW, but June 26th is the date for DL.

Here is what the DL site says:
Pirates of the Caribbean is currently closed, but Captain Jack Sparrow joins “the crew when it re-opens on June 26, 2006!”

Here is a direct link to the DLR website!



yeah everything i’ve heard is that it will open on the 26th. The movie opens july 7th but the ride will open the 26th. My aunt called to make reservations for the blue bayou today and they said the ride will open the 26th


I still think there is a bit of flux for the date where the POTC ride will reopen…

Many dates are pointing to June 26th, but I personally am not sure if anyone knows an exact date just yet…

But what Pixie says above sure sounds reassuring!!! The BB accepting rezzies! :happy:


Well if i remember right they are accepting after July 1st but i don’t remember


Oh! How awesome! I’m in bliss now. :slight_smile: I know every inch of the Disney website, all my Disney photos are scattered on the ground, with many Disney maps & brochures. :smiley:


The 26th, it will be open. Don’t worry. :smile: The movie opens July 7th.


My DD daughter (who is a lead on POTC) went to dinner with us Friday night and gave us an update on the attraction. She was able to do a “walk through” of the ride on Thursday, and said the improvements and additions are awesome.

There are props from the movie that are now included in the ride, the pirate treasure room now includes the chest that held the cursed Aztec gold (she wasn’t sure if the gold would be there since the chest was empty when she walked through), Barbosa stands on the deck of the Wicked Wench in the harbor and Jack Sparrow shows up at three different locations in the ride (I won’t tell you where, don’t want to spoil it for you).

She also said we get to see Davey Jones (from the sequel) at a special spot during the ride.

She told us that the scheduled “hard” opening of the ride is June 26. However, she said a “soft” opening is scheduled for June 21. If all goes well then, it should be opened for guests at that time. She also said that June 24 is the date that the ride must be ready because that is when Buena Vista is having the press and celebrity showing of the movie at the park.


Ariel, I am in the SAME position and I totally can relate to your concerns. I am booked to be in DL from June 27th-30th. This may sound so superficial to some but I have been CRUSHED about the possibility of NOT riding Pirates or eating at my favorite restaurant BB. It is very rare that I get to travel out to the West Coast and DL for that matter and these are two of my FAVORITE things there. I WAS SO EXCITED that the opening date WAS slated for June 26th but i called last week and they are now saying July 1st for both!

PS: I called YESTERDAY to try and make a PS for BB and they said they are NOT making ANY reservation before July 1st.

There seems to be alot of conflicting information. I am just hoping for the best. Keep us updated on your plans :smile:


Thank you very much for all the awesome (and exciting!) information, disney&byudad! Everything you’ve told me just makes me even more CRAZY anxious for my trip!!! I can’t wait!!! Just hope it won’t be too crowded-- but then that’s silly, because I’m almost sure it will be. Oh well. Pirates!

I’m glad someone’s in the same boat with me, Wish! I know what you mean, I’d really like to eat at the Blue Bayou as well. I think my mom would really like it. I’ve never been to DL with her before, and she says she hates all things Disney (gasp!) so I really want to impress her. :tongue:
That’s odd that they aren’t making reservations at BB until July 1st. I’m thinking maybe they’re just being prepared for ride stalls/glitches, you never know. That, or maybe they’re all filled up. I just hope I’ll be able to squeeeeeze in… teehee. Hopefully I’ll see you there! We’re going around the same time. :slight_smile:


Oh really they told my aunt that there was a list they were doing for reservations but they would not tell there that she had a definate reservation but a tentive one. But that was about a 2 weeks ago so they might not be even doing that anymore!! I don’t know she said the person she was talking to sounded like she didn’t really know much lol