Power rangers?


Are there still power rangers at HS? My 4 year old is a serious power ranger fanatic and it would make his year to get to see a “real” ranger in person!


They were there in May! They arrive in a very cool car (I’m sure there is a name for it! :laugh:) and then they jump off do some cool moves then each head to a street corner. Smart to stand by the corner so you are first in line! :happy:


Thanks! Now I’ll just have to figure out how we are ever going to get him to leave HS!


When my DS was ages 4 to 6 he was really into the Power Rangers and Star Wars. He thought he had died and gone to heaven when at Studios!


Well make sure to check the schedule . . . they ONLY come out at certain times and stay 20 minutes TOPS!! They are NOT there when there is a scheduled Lights! Camera! Action! show because of the crowd flow moving towards the theater OR when the theater is letting out.

Have FUN! :happy:


Here’s some pics from last December. My DD was so excited about the Power Rangers! I love how they do some elaborate moves and then freeze when posing. Very fun.


there was a little boy dressed up in the red rangers outfit when we were there & they let him ride in the car with them.


Oh, how cute!!!


One of my fave things to do everyday I work at Studios is watch the Rangers drive up and ‘‘morph.’’ If you want to meet them you better do it soon though. My sources say this might be the last year the Rangers meet and greet because our contract with them expires soon and haven’t heard about a renewal…


If your DS is a fan, it is definately a must do!!

We saw them last year and our DS was 5 at the time, he had a blast!

It is quite an elaborate meet n greet, but it gets crazy with people so be prepared.

Show up early and get in line. Blue and Red ranger are most popular and their lines are the longest.
If you have multiple adults with you, split each into different lines so that you can scurry the kids from one line to another. They only stay for 20minutes or so, and we were able to see all 5 rangers this way.

When the rangers first arrive, be prepared for pushy adults cutting lines. We were told by the CM’s to keep our line tight and we still had adults cuting in with their kids…it was the most chaotic meet and greet ever.

I actually wrote to Disney after out trip about it. It really could be well run if they just had designated roped-off lines to stand in and CMs that were better prepared for the over-bearing adults. The CM running the Red ranger line was good and kept everyone in line, but th CM at the blue ranger line was too quiet just standing back and not organizing the line.

It was a great time for the kids, but really stressful for the adults!:blink:

Glad we did it once, but I won’t be heading back anytime soon!!


Meant to also say the current team is composed of: The SPD Red Ranger, The Mystic Force Pink Ranger, The Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger, The Jungle Fury Blue Ranger, and from the current PR show, the RPM Green Ranger.


My little one thinks he is red ranger! I was going to ask if it would be too much to put him in his costume for pictures with them. I guess I will have to pack it. If they let him ride in the car he would be over the moon!