Sorry if someone already posted this!! I just saw on Allearsnet that the P&PP will likely occur on select nights in April, May and June!!! I hope, I hope. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 19th or 26th!!!:laugh:


Check the Disney site for dates when the park closes at 7 pm. I know during our trip MK is closing at 7 pm on May 31 and June 4th and those are the dates that have been going around online.


I hope you all get the dates you are hoping for. It’s so much fun and a wonderful addition to any trip.


darn- those are not nights that are helping my trip at all…


Thank you!! Unfortunately I just looked at the park hours and MK is open til 11 p.m. every night!!! Ugh, was really hoping to go. My 5 year old Princess and 7 year old Pirate will be so disappointed!!( not really though because we are going to Disney-- P&PP or not!!):laugh:


I sooooo want them to post the August dates…please, please, please!


I know for a FACT that the party will go through the summer, through June at the least. I saw the dates posted in the Castle Show break room this morning but didn’t even think about writing them down. But rest assured all…it’s happening ALL the way.


YEAH!!! I hope, I hope, I hope!! Even though the park hours are already listed for that time period can they change them? Well, they can do whatever they want- it’s Disney, but do they normally do that after they are posted?


Even though the park hours are already posted and MK is open late every night in July?


Our always helpful Mr. R2G posted a link in my thread and it has dates for the P&PP listed up through 6/4/08.

Check it out.

Walt Disney World Annual Events Schedule


I’m sure they will be announcing anytime now!


That website is doing what Allears and the rest of us our doing…they’re looking at the official WDW posted calendar and are assuming (hopefullly correctly) that whatever dates MK closes at 7pm will be PPP dates. Nothing official has been posted by Disney about PPP beyond those dates in Jan, Feb, March.


The dates were posted on the official DVC site but they were pulled shortly after they went up.


I am waiting for the “official” word but it looks like we will be going on May 13th. I have made my plans for the day based on the fact that the park closes at 7:00 pm. Just waiting for them to release the info and sell the tickets!


The only reason there probably won’t be any parties in July is to give the park a month off from having any specialty parties since the first Halloween is August 29th and the parties won’t stop coming until January next year. Also with July being a peak month and they only sell 30K tickets to the parties, we’ll want as many guests in the park as we can or else there will be THOUSANDS of extremely angry guests wondering why they couldn’t get a ticket for a party so that they could stay at MK later.


That’s what I was thinking but you had said the parties would run through the summer so I read that as going on all summer—through June, July, and early August. I can’t imagine MK closing at 7 in July.


If the first Halloween party is August 29th, do you think that means the rest of August will be party free? No PPP for the slow last few weeks of August? :eek:


Allears is usually pretty good with predictions. I don’t think you’ll
be disappointed.


I would love to have my coffee break in the Castle Show break room!!! :laugh: