Practically giving away


50 points. They must be used by the last day of September this year. I hate to see these points lost, and not put to use. Is anyone interested in them for $5 a point?


Holy Cow!:eek:What a steal!! Wish we could use them…when’s EmpressJenny going? I was just reading a thread that she was looking for a better rate when they go for their 5th anniversary…maybe she’ll see this. If I could do it before Sept 30th, I’d jump on it!


I wish I could! That is a steal! I hope you find someone - maybe someone who lives in the Orlando area?


WOW!!! I wish I could use them, too! Good luck finding someone! I’m sure it won’t be too hard!


Man, I wish I could use them in Oct! What a bummer!


I just sent you a PM


Waiting to hear back from you, I hope I can help you out!


I would love to but it is a no go for us as well- we had to cancel our trip that we had planned already.


That’s a really awesome deal!!! If I wasn’t having a baby the beginning of September I’d take them in a heartbeat!!


WOW i am really mad that i have soccer right now… i would be in WDW in like two seconds!!:angry:


PM me if these are still up for grabs. I would love to use them.


Please let me know if you have any left over. :slight_smile:


Hi all, Thank you for all of your interest, I think I have a taker, but I will post back when I am confirmed. Thanks again!


If your deal falls through, let me know!


So far things are ok, I will have two points left over if anyone needs them transfered! Look for the update!



Thanks for all of the interest, but I have rented these points out! I hope all of you who were looking to rent find exactly what you need!


Would you like this thread closed? It can always be opened if needed.


that’s fine, they are booked and the last day to cancel was today so if the renter cancels there is nothing I can do! Thanks!