Practice packing


i get to pack this weekend! well…practice anyway! i know, i’m silly - but we just decided to fly last night and i hadn’t planned on worrying about how much we brought since we were drving. now…i have weight limits and bag sizes/amounts to consider. and with 2 little ones with us, we don’t want to have a ton of heavy bags too.:blink:

sooo…i am going to pack and see what the best way to get it all there will be. then i’ll unpack most (it’s still close to 100 here, gotta have those shorts and tanks) until closer the week before we go.

ths will be fun!!:laugh: :laugh: :blush: anyone else do this?


I am not too worried about packing. We are flying SW, and we can take 3 bags per person. That is 15 bags:eek: . I also have two older kids (ages 11 and 8) who can help out.
One good thing is that you will be going in warm weather, so each day’s clothes will be smaller when packed, than if you were going when the weather is questionable-when you have to pack some jeans, long sleeved shirts and jackets.
Have fun “practice packing”!!


I do this in the fall when I have a trip in feb- Ill pack all the stuff we will need in Feb rather than put in the attic with the rest of the summer stuff. And I make a list of what I have in the bag so when Feb rolls around I get to open the bag and tweak what I do or dont need, fit into and add the stuff I had bought in the mean time!


Heheheh, you’re not excited at all, are you? Not even a little bit.:laugh: :laugh:

I don’t blame you. Last time we went, I had the suitcases ready to go 3 months ahead.
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I am always way excited about our trips… but I pack the day before… I know… I should be ashamed…:blush: :closedeye


Remember to have room for the stuff you will bring back. If you are allowed 2 suitcases each and you only need one… make sure you pack an empty bag - with a tag with your information on it. That way if you need an extra bag for souvenirs you have it, you won’t have to go buy one! (southwest does make it easier allowing 3 bags. I always back a couple extra bags-just in case!)

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very good tip sue! i am going to borrow DH’s grandpa’s HUGE suitcase - i think that will help a lot. i just realized i will have to check a carseat as well (we are going to DH’s grandma’s for a night - and his aunt is driving us, she has no little ones). I am going to call to see if there is anyone they can get a seat from for that day. otherwise, we will just have to count that as one of the bags. oh well, not a big deal, i think we’ll have plenty of room, especially if we get that HUGE one!

and, Dopey - whatever gave you the impression I am excited?


I’m finishing up laundry today so I can do the same thing emamasa!


I can’t say that i have ever had to “practice” pack. But i can understand why you would want to. Going from driving to flying can make a huge difference.


I always take a empty suitcase and it is never empty when we come home. :laugh: :laugh: I wonder how that happens? :confused: :laugh: :laugh: