PRE -ORDER Toy Story Mania for the Wii!


Disney Pre-Order Toy Story Mania! for Nintendo Wii | Disney Store

Pre-Order Toy Story Mania! for Nintendo Wii—$49.99

Pre-Order and save $5. Offer ends September 14, 2009. Plus receive a $5 Disney Gift Card with your purchase!*

Inspired by the Disney/Pixar feature film Toy Story and the 4-D Toy Story Mania! attraction that launched at Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort last year, Toy Story Mania! is now headed exclusively to the Nintendo Wii. Join all the classic Toy Story characters in Toy Story Mania! as Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang stage their own zany, fun-filled carnival. Toy Story Mania! allows players to participate in familiar and all-new carnival-inspired shooting galleries and win top prizes in mini-games. The game features multi-player competitive and cooperative modes supporting up to two players, providing hours of fun. Bonus unlockables let players experience parts of the game in eye-popping 3-D. Includes 2 pairs of 3-D glasses. Made in the USA. Rated E for Everyone. Available to own September 15, 2009.

*The Disney Gift Card can only be used at select participating locations at Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line®, Disney Store locations in the US, and See participating locations for details or visit for more information about the Disney Gift Card program.


WHOA!!! ive been waiting for this!!! gotta tell DH!!! no, acutually im going to have DD tell DH. he cant say no to her cuteness!!! :ph34r::laugh::laugh:


I am soooo addicted to Wii…definitely getting TSM.


So excited! Definitely buying this!


I think this may be a must for us as well.


Okay that is TOTALLY how it works in our house too! DD (3) has my DH right where she wants him- which of course, is snugly wrapped around her tiny little finger!! I’m so excited to read about the game- I just bought a Wii & hid it away for our family Christmas gift- I will definitely have to get this!


Not a fan of the Wii, but I may have to buy one just to play this!


Gotta have it!!


There’s no question, we’re getting this!!!


Didn’t even know about this…how fun!


Oh my gosh, we are definitely getting this! My boys will be thrilled to hear it. :slight_smile:


I have been a PS2 and PS3 girl for years…then last week I finally bought the Wii and I :heart: it!
Thanks for the info! I will be getting this.

I just pre-ordered on Amazon,it’s $39.99. Toy Story Mania!: Nintendo Wii: Video Games


We are definitely getting this, but I want to wait for some reviews. I am pretty excited for it though.


This is definatly on the birthday wish list!! It will be awesome in 3d!!


Oh I can’t wait to see this! What a great idea.


Ahhh! We just got a Wii! This game is definitely a must-have.


I love that ride, its addicting. I can’t wait to play it in my parlor:) yippie:)


We just bought it today… Really cute, and a ton of games on it…