Pre-Planning: Columbus Day Itinerary


OK. I need a sanity check. Let me know what you think guys.

[B]Thu[/B]: BOS - MCO: Arrive 7:04PM
[li]carry-ons only, so QuickSilver to Pop Century by 8PM[/li][li]15 minute check-in?[/li][li]ADR at Portobello Yacht Club for 9PM[/li][li]NOTE: no dining points used yet[/li][/ul]

[B]Fri[/B]: 4 of us at MK - Epcot fireworks
[li]wake up late, breakfast at Pop: 4 QS points (possibly instead have a light nosh at the Main St Bakery)[/li][li]Bus to MK, lunch at the Plaza: 4 table service points[/li][li]ADR Citricos for 6:00PM : 8 table service points[/li][li]after dinner: monorail to Epcot for fireworks (and possible EMH?)[/li][/ul]

[B]Sat[/B]: Family arrives!
[li]wake up whenever, 4 QS points for breakfast[/li][li]Cousin #1 arrives Sat morning, meet her at AK? or DHS?[/li][li]DHS midday. Lunch at Backlot Express (4 QS points)[/li][li]Dinner with family (aunt is treating)[/li][li]possible Epcot fireworks again[/li][/ul]

[B]Sun[/B]: Marathon Day
[li]race is at 7AM, so I don’t have a clue when/where we’ll meet everyone[/li][li]Lunch - we’ll investigate F&W options (4 QS points for either breakfast or lunch)[/li][li]ADR?? no idea, possibly Le Cellier? Depends on family. (4 TS points)[/li][/ul]

[B]Mon[/B]: MCO - BOS: Depart 11:50AM
[li]4 QS points for breakfast[/li][li]QuickSilver pickup at 9:45AM[/li][li]Stop at EOS on the way to MCO[/li][/ul]

I think this is good and loose right?


I think it looks good. You might be pushing it for the first day, but if all goes right you could make it.

Are you running the marathon?:eek:


Do you mean MONDAY for the last day?

I would be worried about getting to Yacht club by nine on the first night…maybe it’s me, but that seems a little rushed.

If you are on the meal plan, you can use snack credits for the Main Street Bakery or some quick breakfast foods, and save QS for lunches…if you need to.

Am I right that you are paying OOP for Yacht club? you may be able to move that around so that you can have it on the DP…just a suggestion from someone who Hates to pay OOP when on Dining Plan!

Just my 2 cents…looks good though. We have so many choices picked out for Epcot, I know we wont be able to do them all unless we spent more days there than we planned…Dont forget that you can also use Snack Credits for F&W!


Thanks for the catch! I fixed it. :laugh:

No, I’m not running the marathon… but it’s only 10K, so if I really wanted to (I don’t) I could. DW’s cousin, who’s 26, will be running. We’re going for moral support. She began running marathons a little over a year ago.

Portobello has become a tradition for us. We eat there at least once every time we go there. DW and I had a couple of great dinners there on our honeymoon and we’ve been “regulars” ever since.

I know Thursday seems like we’re pushing it, so I’ll talk it over with the group. But, with carryons and QuickSilver, we can literally be at Pop Century about 40 minutes after getting off the plane. We’ve done it a number of times in the past.