Pre-purchased tickets added to room key?


i had to call the reservation line today and the CM asked if i wanted to go ahead and purchase park tickets now for our trip in jan. 2007. she told me that ticket prices will be increasing in the new year, so better to by them before the end of this year. i told her o would call back another time to purchase those…i forgot to ask her…so i am asking ya’ll here :slight_smile:

if i purchase tickets now, can they somehow put them on our room key when we checkin?? i just love the idea of not having to fool with keeping up with tickets.



Yes,your tickets will be encoded on your room keys.


so they won’t mail them to us or anything…no real paper tickets will be involved…we just get them encoded on our keys at check-in?
~just making sure i understand :slight_smile:


the tickets will be show up on our room reservation??


No, I think after you get your room keys you can go to the guest relations desk and give them your room key and park tickets and they can combine them onto your room key…I’ve never done it, but that’s what I read in another thread here somewhere.


That is correct. That is what we did in December. It was great!


so you DID receive actual paper tickets (by mail?) than had them added? did you purchase your tickets through i am still a bit confused…sorry :pinch:



You get actual tickets in the mail from WDW. When you check in, you can have your pass combined with your room key so it’s less to carry and easier on you. I am doing just that for my October trip. I got the tickets at my local disney store. When I check in, they will just add my tickets to my room key.


okay…awsome! i get it now :slight_smile:

wanted to buy them online sometime this year (to save a bit before teh price increase in 2007) when i have a little bit o’$$ burning a hole in my pocket…but wanted to be sure about the process of getting them put to our roomkey and all. so that’s why so many questions :slight_smile:



No worries on the many questions…it’s what this site is for. You could buy them one at a time here and there when you have a few extra bucks instead of getting them all at once. That will make it a bit easier on the pocket book. I bought three in February and am buying the other three I need one at a time so I don’t have to pay all at once.