Pre TR


Ok all I am already starting my pre trip report. With 10 day to go I have left Key West and on my way to Jacksonville to pick up my kids from the ex with. Also I did online check-in today being 10 days out. So I wanted to share with all my MB friends.


Let the festivities begin.


Oh so exciting for you- looking forward to a pre and post TR too and lots of pics if possible!
Are the children excited too? I bet they are!


Yes they are my ds text mr everyday saying how many more days. I use to live in jax so tonight and tomorrow are the nights to have more than a few frosty ones. I have already posted on my facebook page that if you get a drunk text over the next two days sorry lol


:laugh::laugh::laugh:Good for you! enjoy every moment.


I am sure you are SO excited! Did you ever figure out what you are going to do the last night? Hopefully have a frosty and relax!
Best wishes for a fabulous time!


No not yet but there will be frosty ones put down.