Pre trip....Sept 23 - Oct 1


In May we went with DGS. This trip we are going with DGDs. Don’t turn me in to the disney police, but DD and family are staying off site, but I have the girls listed in my room. We are staying at BCV and I want them to be able to jump in the pool if there is time.

DD is doing all the planning. She did all the FP and a few meals. Now that the express bus no longer runs, I don’t think we’ll be in the parks as much. I was really counting on saving those extra steps and time with the express bus. DD will have a car but it’s not big enough for everyone to travel from park to park. I think DH and I may do 8 hrs days, whether it’s meet, resort, meet or long meet and say goodnight. Those times of 12-14 hr disney days are way behind us.

One night we are watching the kids. DD and DSIL are doing the dining in the sky or whatever it’s called. The event where you have a course at the Wave, then using the monorail, go to Poly for another course, GF for something else…

Anyway we are going to have more fun with the DGDs. I’m bringing blow up punch balls, beach balls that light up, and packs of glow sticks. We’ll use water bottles and have glow in the dark ring toss. Add pizza and mickey bars and it’s the best night ever !

This trip we are renting a wheelchair offsite instead of the disney chairs. The price is about the same, but of course we’ll have the chair the whole time not just in the parks. Plus we won’t have to wait in any lines to get a new chair every day.

I’m not sure how to handle getting on buses. If we didn’t have the chair, DH would be standing in line for the bus. I’d feel funny using the disable spot for boarding buses. I guess I’ll have to ask a CM. I have no issues if we had to zig zag thru the line and then perhaps at the last turn go into the disable spot.

DH is a bit worried, what if the rental chair gets stolen. We will have the chair most of the time, for the few times, we need to park it, I have bought a bike lock. I plan on closing up the chair and wrap the bike lock through the arms so it can’t be open. The CM can still move it if necessary. I’m not sure if someone would steal it or just “borrow” it for a rest from Japan to Germany and then ditch it. But anyway, this way it won’t be of any use to someone.

We have plans on using prime now for some groceries. Last trip with DS and family, we used WEGOSHOP. Between the shopping fee, and tip for shopper and bell services, we spent about $60 on top of the $175 for the groceries. And then we threw/gave stuff away at the end of the trip. I think it’s better to do a few small orders with prime now and not waste the money. They don’t carry everything a grocery store carries, but we’d make do.

That’s about it. 4 weeks to go.


Enjoy Jo-Jo. We will be leaving the day you get there (Sept 16 - 23). Can not wait


Well I’m back from my 4 day visit last week. DW and I will both be going next month. Sounds like we might be there at the same time Jo-Jo. We will be there 9-21 to 9-25 for a long weekend and off course the MNSSHP.

My trip last week was good. Weather was hot of course. Looking forward to better temps next month.


We went with a family friend who needed a wheelchair. For the buses, we just stood in the regular line with everyone else. Then, when it was time to load, just folded the chair and brought it on the bus with us, never going to the handicap waiting section. We took turns holding it in the back door area, so it wasn’t in anyone’s way when the bus was being loaded.

Have a wonderful trip, and keep us posted how this one goes.


It sounds like you have everything planned out. If you’re going to order pizza from off property Flippers is really good. They deliver to the room at a moderate and the lobby when we’re at a deluxe. We ordered pizza twice on our May/June trip. It wasn’t quick, maybe 45 minutes, it it was not and good.