Predator and Prey in AK. (interesting tidbits)


I thought this was quite a novel funny little fact…

Did you know that at Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant the tables feature pictures of “prey” while the chairs feature “predators!!” :tongue: I thought that was pretty funny. :laugh:

Here are some other interesting AK facts, I just read these in the “vacation Magic” DVC magazine…

  • imagineers purposely kept the height of Expedition Everest JUST UNDER 200 feet to avoid having to put “blinking lights” atop it to warn planes.

  • “Anandapur” which is the name of the village in the Asian section of the park is a Sanskrit word meaning “place of all delight.”

  • An “arcacia xanthophloea” seed from Africa was the FIRST tree planted on the park site in Dec. 1995.

and this was so sweet to me…

  • Accourding to the storyline behind the “Tree of Life”, an ant planted a seed and wished for a tree large enough to provide shelter for all the animals, from ants to zebras. :wub: :heart: :wub: (What a sweet little ant and SEE, wishes REALLY DO come true, even for ants :wink:)


I love little bits of info like that. I did know that disney makes nothing 200 ft tall because putting lights on it would take away from the atmosphere. ToT is also 199ft tall.


Huh…I never realized the predator and prey thing. hee hee;)
Thanks for the tidbit!


Actually only one thing in Disney has been tall enough – the wand on the Epcot globe, and it had one of those lights! :slight_smile:



mmmm…the flametree BBQ is sooooooooooo good. Now that makes me hungry! CURSE YOU! lol haha jk jk. Those are cool facts. It’d be really nifty if that giant tree of life was actually real wood. That’d be cool.


I would give anything to hae a Tusker House cinnamon roll right now! I know, that’s only an interesting AK tidbit to me… but wow, I could really use one of those buttery, cinammon-y, gooey hot rolls!!!


Did you know that the bats on the Maharajah Jungle Trek are really, really cute? :wub:

Oh. That’s not exactly a secret, is it? :laugh:

adores bats

… in the more conventional sense of “adore,” not in some sort of devotional theological sense. Not that I expected anyone to be confused or anything like that. :laugh:

… yes, I am home sick in a very silly mood, and need more coffee