Preferred rooms at Pop Century?


Can anyone tell me what buildings would house the perferred rooms at Pop? I just booked a trip so we could take advantage of free dining. We chose a value resort because we are taking a big trip in Jan and staying at the Beach Club.


If you don’t have very youing children,I don’t think it matters what building you have at Pop,because,to me,all the buildings at Pop are very close to the main hall and the buses.


I think the 60’s are Preferred but I also have heard maybe one building in the 50’s and one in the 70’s are considered Preferred as well. Out of the values I would choose POP. It’s the cleanest, biggest, and newest.


I have no idea… just wanted to add that we experienced a lot of noise in the room directly above us… so in the future… should we stay there… we plan to request a top floor room. The noise was like toilets flushing, running, tub water draining, etc. The norm, but with thin walls and ceiling it can be annoying.


we were a non preferred in Nov. In the 70’s, very short walk.

we were top floor, back side and heard NO noise. It was great.


The 60’s are the preferred rooms at PC. I wouldn’t pay extra for them though. It’s really not a bad walk to any of the sections.


I called and the cm told me that perferred is 60s, part of 50s and part of 70s. So I requesterd to be in the 50s in building C on the back side facing the lake. Looks like we should still be in good range to the main building and we are close to the parking lot. I will have an AP so parking is free at parks and I think we may drive to parks sometimes rather than take disney transportation all the time.


I believe that the preferred rooms in POP are the 70’s. Because they are the nicest pool and the most convinent location for eating and getting on the buses. Also I think preferred rooms are also pool side rooms as well. So.

Hope that helped!


Daisee thanks for the tip. That was the biggest complaint that people have is the noise in the Values.


I thought you get free parking at the parks if you stay at any Disney resort?


Unless you have an AP you get free parking. If you want to drive yourself and are staying at the resort you will pay. Just use ME.


You do! When you check in they ask if you have a car . . . then they give you a pass for the windshield! You just show it at the entrance to the park and in ya go! It’s on of the “PERKS” of staying on property!


Sadly last time I stayed at POFQ I heard all this too . . . either they are making the walls thinner (?) or the toilets have be ungraded to SUPER FLUSHERS!! :laugh: :laugh:


Just a side note . . . POP is the newest as in “when it was built” but ASM and Sports just recently had a major overhaul with paint, furniture and linens. POP is in the middle of this same restoration now . . . so if you can, request an “updated” room!

I stayed at POP in Nov and the room was in major need of a redo . . . but then stayed again in Jan and got a freshly painted updated room! The painting crews were all in the back working . . . my friend and I got excited and thought they were filming a movie . . . when we asked we were told NO it just the painters!! :laugh:


Wow I didn’t realize Pop was updating the rooms already. They looked pretty good when we were there in Sept. I will have to request an updated room. Thanks for the tip. Hmmm I wonder if they will get those privacy curtains between the sink and the beds. That sure would be nice.

I agree the top floor rooms are very quiet, we didn’t hear a peep from our room in the 70’s section 4th floor.

I loved Pop! Enjoy.


I will definitely ask for an updated room. Thanks for the tip.