Preferred seating for Lion King for Disney Visa holders


Did anyone else get a flyer for preferred seating for the Lion King play? It is coming down here from sometime in April til June and DW and I both got flyers to get tickets before they are available to the general public next month. I think this is pretty cool and it is nice to have something special like this to get us to spend more money lol

DW and I are tyring to get her sister and husband to go as well.

After seeing another post that Disney has a Little Mermaid play in the works, I know DW will go knuts to see that as well.


Can you tell me which company sponsored the mailing? I’d like to take advantage of it. Is it only if you pay with your Visa card?


If you have a Disney Visa, sometimes you can view special offers like the one mentioned when you log on to the Visa Web site.


Go see Lion Kign it rocks!!! The only preferred seating offer I got was for Tarzan in NYC. Although, when we went to see Lion King a couple weeks ago we had first row orchestra near the center and it ROCKED!!! It felt like the show was just for us!! So, if you can get preferred I say go for it!