Pregnant and room at POP Century


I called Disney today to see if they could get me a close room to classic hall because I will be almost 6 months pregnant when we go from sept. 3-14th and the guy told me it would cost me . Can I just ask for a upgrade when we check in? Our flight gets there early before 11 . Does anyone know if the rooms with a king size bed are close since they are considered handicapped acc. ? I know I will be coming back every afternoon for a swim and nap so I don’t want to have to walk extra …trying to be careful …have lost 4 babies before this one . Any comments would help if you know anything . Thanks …getting excited to be going to see the mouse !! Of course had booked the vacation and paid for it before we found out oops we had a baby on the way . :wub:


If it’s important to be close you’ll have to pay for the upgrade to be sure you get the location you want. Sometimes magic happens and upgrades are given at check in but I wouldn’t count on it.


It really isn’t that much more for an upgrade, maybe like $12/night. I would pay the extra so you will be sure to be close. That’s what these rooms are for.


At POP, the Lady building has both preferred and standard rooms. We have booked standard and requested the Lady building before checkin and that worked great. It is one of the closest buildings to Classic Hall - not sure why part is not considered preferred, but it is not. See what you can do.


I would keep calling back. Just because you don’t know who your going to get. I agre though it’s not that much more expensive but considering I just found out I’m pregnant and asked the same…It’s DVC so I’m not sure it matters for us, they ussually just let us request the hospitality section.
But sense your there so early if it doens’t work I would see what they could do for you at check in. I’ve gotten someone who gave me a choice of a few open rooms.
On the up note, in all my pregnancy’s I’ve been told walking is the bes excersize for us. Not that walking in the parks wont be enough, just trying to help you feel better.


Remember, each building only has 2 elevators. They are right next to each other. No matter what type room you get you will still have to walk to the elevator.


good exercise to walk. take naps. have fun.


If you want to wait for check in to see if you need to upgrade, call back and make sure on your room reservation you make a request, explaining why. The first time I stayed at SSR I asked to be close to the main building and a bus stop and explained to them that I would be alone on the trip and was concerned about walking back to my room late at night. The request was granted. So if you explained that you’ll be X-months pregnant at the time and will need frequent trips back to the room, you might be placed in a building relatively close…but definitely give an explanation. I found you’ll have better luck that way.