Premier Passport...interesting twist


We all got our season passes at different times last year for DL, and in Dec. me and DD’s expired, but DW’s is good until May.

In Sept. we went to DW and decided to upgrade to an annual pass and come back before it expired.

Well, DW got a premier passport card in the mail today and it extended her DL pass until the DW one expires.

It’s like getting four months for free!!! Too bad ours are expired. We’d go to DL one more time this year for sure if they were the same as hers.


Yep, I have AP’s for both DLR (expires May 2010) and WDW (expires Dec 2010). My new Premier Passport expires in Dec 2010. Since I’m going back to DLR in May 2011, I may consider renewing the Premier Passport.


I love the idea of the Premier Passport- maybe if I lived in the middle of the country somewhere it would be worth it for us!