Premium Annual Pass (PAP) and DL hotel discounts


My partner & I are first time annual pass holders. Turned out I have two business meetings in the Anaheim area in less than a year and when we priced two 4-day parkhoppers vs. a PAP, it just made sense for us to get the annual passes.

I need information on PAP DL hotel discounts. How does one find out about them? What are the typical discounts? Best friend has wanted to stay at DL Hotel for her entire life and with PAP discount, it seems this year would be the time to do it, but we want to do it as cheaply as possible. Any suggestions? TIA.


They sometimes announce the discounts online in the annual passholder section or in the newsletters. They just announced one about 1 week ago…Amazing rates for the DLH!!


In reading other posts about the new AP7 rate, many people mention that they found it on the “website”. I do not have an AP, so I don’t know for certain, but it sounds like there is a special website or special access for those with APs. I am sure you could call Disney reservations and they can go over it with you. I am reading about $159 for DLH (certain time frame, sorry, don’t remember the restrictions). However, many hotels on Harbor (closer to Main Gate than DLH) are MUCH less expensive. If you have the $$ to spend to stay on property that’s great but honestly, you could still have a FABULOUS time in a hotel not on property.


Welcome to MB!:happy:
There is a Passholder Section on the Disney Website. It list all the current offers.


We only stay at the DLR hotels when we can use an AP rate.
I just can’t pay $400+ per night for GCH.