Pressed Penny Jewelry!


Just found this on a blog…I think this is a great idea! I love the necklace with all the different strands.

EPBOT: Simply Smashing Penny Jewelry

I’d love to know who else collects pressed pennies. We started it with our girls a couple years ago on one of our more, ahem, economical trips – and they both love it! It’s such a cheap souvenir, but so much fun because it’s like a treasure hunt trying to find the machines all over WDW and get certain pennies to complete their collections.


Youngest DD is our pressed penny addict. And addict is the correct term. Even though she is now 21 she still searches out those pennies she does not have when she can join us on a trip. We learned to always have plenty of quarters and pennies handy at all times. She is in the fill in stage for those she does not have. In the long run it is a cheap ‘habit’ for her to have had growing up compared to other Disney collectables.
When she first discovered the pressing machines I was going through 2-3 rolls of quarters a trip. At least she did not get into quarters unless they had Piglet on them.:ohmy:
Below is the current list from Allears for the machines if you need it.
Pressed Pennies & Quarters in WDW


I LOVE these!! Beautiful and so easy to make. Thanks for posting this!


Me, too, I love them! I really like the bracelet, it looks like something even I could make.


Thank you so much Tinker Mel for posting this, I can’t wait to show my DD.

Also thank you Pam&Rich for posting the current list of where the mashines are located:happy:


That link has just made my day! I’ve been thinking about unique things I can collect from our next trip as pins just end up hidden away in the pin book, snowglobes take up what little space I have left (and require constant dusting!) and as much as I love the look of Vinylmation figures - I have no idea where I would display them! I know my big purchase will be a Cell or a piece of Artwork but this link - wow! I seriously want a pressed penny charm bracelet! Its the exact kind of thing I need in my life! Know exactly what I’ll be hunting down next trip!


That was cool. I would never think to do all that.


ohmygosh. I LOVE THESE. I will most definitely be trying to make my own penny jewelry! Thanks so much for posting the link to the blog! The instructions are great.


REally funny jewelry!


I opened this thread thinking, ‘Oh, let me stare at the ugly’… but some of them are actually really cute!


I know…I had the same thought when I saw the title, before I actually looked at the pictures. They were surprisingly really cute and creative! I want to try some of these out.


i showed my DH…he promised to help me out with some of these! i have a feeling it will be more like me watching him make them…but that’s even better! :slight_smile:


Oh my word, those are GORGEOUS, and I have so many pressed pennies!!! Pam&Rich, I’m an addict too, hehe!


Those are gorgeous and elegant, and vintage looking!! I’m in love with them. I must try!!