Prestige Towncar of Orlando?


I had asked the concierge at the Polynesian to arrange for our transportation because i am all about everything running SMOOTHLY on vacation & figured they would take good care of us but my DH thought $130 was too much and he has booked this Prestige Towncar of Orlando he found online. They sent a nice email!!! But… I am a little nervous about the unknown! Would really like to hear either way good or bad about other’s experience with this company.


Don’t have any experience with Prestige. We have used Tiffany, but heard they’ve been having some problems lately. In December we’ll be using Quicksilver, who is also a sponsor of DisneyCentral. They’re charging us $95 round trip (not incl gratuities, of course) & we’re doing a grocery store stop. We’re staying at BWV. If you’re staying at a MK resort I think it might be an additional $5. Although we haven’t actually used them yet, Gregory has been very helpful in modifying our reservations & answering any other questions I’ve had. Also, they don’t require a credit card up front to hold your reservation. I agree with you, though, $130 sounds steep to me.


And BTW, Welcome to DC! Let us know if you have any other questions…we love to show off our knowledge here! :wink:


I just know that we are going to be starving when we get there and I want to get to the Poly as soon as I can, my 10 year old and 4 year old get so cranky when they are tired and hungry!! My DH gets so tense if the transportation doesn’t go smoothly… So I’ll have 3 cranky butts on my hands if the Prestige driver isn’t waiting!!! LOL… hehe

We’re picking up the 10 year old from school a little early on Thurs the 30th and heading for the airport, we’ll be in a big hurry and they never feed you on the airplanes anymore and with Ohana waiting who wants airline food anyway!!

I absolutely won’t ever do Mears again, we always end up being at whichever resort is last! I want to go straight to our resort and not around the whole 47 miles 2 or 3 times!!

DH got this Prestige for $80 and they would stop at grocery for 30 min. but I don’t think I need to??


BTW thanks for the welcome!! I sent my hubby the Quiksilver info, see what he thinks! I’d feel better with a “sure thing!”


that $80.00 sounds like there may be hidden fee’s in it. It seems to low and remember you get what you pay for. I have used Quicksilver-tours in the past they are great, I used them as recently as last week and everything went off without a problem and that was great considering my flight was about 2 hours late to arrive to Orlando. I Work in transportation down here in Orlando and quicksilver is the only company I would ever use, if you look in the transportation forum you will see one of my trip reports from May, I will be doing another for my last trip with them shortly.


I know that sometimes if you get a low price there are things that aren’t included like tolls & stuff. Just make sure you read the fine print. I would imagine we’ll have Gregory weighing in at some point…! :smile:

And about the grocery stop…sometimes having stuff in the room saves on running down to the store at the resort which can be kind of pricey. We like to have some snax in our room just in case. Nice to chill at night & watch a little tv & munch…just like home! :wink:


One other reason to consider Quicksilver: The owner of Quicksilver is a member of DC and has been known to post a comment or two.

So, if everything didn’t go well, we’d all let Gregory have it. :wink:

Seriously, you should consider changing to Quicksilver. We’ve used them as have a number of other DC members. They’re a great deal with terrific service.


Thanks everyone for the kind words of support. I’m glad we have so many fans out here. We are continuously doing all we can to maintain our good service, and of course, reputation… :smile:


I haven’t heard of that company before. Even being a “competitor” I would give you my opinion if I knew them. :cool:
The $80.00 sound too good to be true, really. Look for hidden fees and etc… If they do not have any, ask around for referrals, I know I would… :angel:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Gregory Nicolas.
:smile: :smile: :smile:


I would recomend Quicksilver!!! For one, tons of people here on DC have used them, and found them to be wonderful!! Two, they sponsor us and keep the site up and running!!!

Welcome to DC, and good luck with your decision.


I knew we’d hear from Gregory on this!!! :wink: