Pretrip report for Dec 2014


Last yr in Sept, we went to disney, with DD and family. In May we went with DS and family. This trip is us alone.

Because we are not planning another until Dec 2015, we purchased park hopper tickets. For the last 5 or 6 yrs, we’ve had APs. Planning a trip with regular tickets seems odd. How many days? Hopper or no? In the Sept trip, we got sick as dogs and spent most of three days in the room. Do we want tickets and perhaps waste them? Do we buy less days and just plan a “forced” rest day? Almost more thinking than my brain could stand.

But wait there more (sounds like an infomercial), we have to plan days and FP+. I must say it is nice to have a few rides all ready in pocket, but that’s where the joy ends. During the May trip we were really stupid and got in line for Imagination, thinking the sign that said “30 mins” had to be wrong. Nope. When was the last time, you saw a wait of more than 30 secs for that ride? I wish FP+ was a blend of old and new fast pass systems. Have two in pocket and then get more in the park like the old days.

So here are our plans…

Dec 2 arrive at BLT at roughly 10ish in the morning. Plane lands at 8:30. Go to breakfast at The Wave. We don’t have ADR’s. Wouldn’t want to take a chance with the $10 penalty. After we eat,(if not at the Wave, a CS somewhere) hopefully our room will ready. But whether it is or not, we’ll do some resort hopping --just those on Bay Lake. See all the Christmas decorations. Around dusk, head over to Fort Wilderness and view all the campers decorations. Afterward, get take out chicken from Trails End and head on back to our room. Of course, pouring pouring rain will change all these plans. Then we’ll just hit the resorts on the monorail.

Dec 3 AK. Park opens at 8a.m., FP for safari, lion king and nemo. Depending on when we leave AK and how we feel, head over to MK. Mk is open until 11 that day. Probably watch wishes from TOW at BLT. No ADR’s anywhere.

Dec 4 MK, park opens at 8 a.m. Not sure what FPs, we have. Spend all day until 5 ish. ADR for dinner at Trails End. After dinner, see camper decorations again. Head back to BLT, watch wishes.

Dec 5 MK again. Probably spend all day there, park closes at 7 pm. Watch wishes, yes again. I really love fireworks. No ADRs.

Dec 6 Take monorail to Epcot, spent a few hrs there. Eat CS lunch there. Then head over DHS, We have FPs starting mid-afternoon. Stay long enough to catch Osbourne lights. Take bus back to BLT. MK has EMH from 12 -2 AM. Hmmm do we want to go? Might be about 60 degrees. No ADRs

Dec 7 Moving day…We had a waitlist for an extra night at BCV. But before that came thru, we had planned to spend the day at MK. Now we aren’t sure what to do since that waitlist came thru. Pack up and send our bags and then go to MK, using the FPs. Move to BCV and change our FPs to another park. Not sure what we are doing. Perhaps if we decide to go right to BCV, try for breakfast at Captains Grils. But no matter what, fireworks is a certainty.

I’ll finish up the pre trip later…


…we always get the park hopper but not water parks…for our 6 day ticket, it’s about $10 more per day for the hopper…it’s worth it for us because we used up our 3 FP in one park then zipped over to another that was less crowded or had fireworks or something…we zip around to sometime 3 parks in one day…


We did get the hopper if only so we could go from Osbourne lights to Illuminations. With APs, we didn’t have to think about it.


…right…that’s the kind of thing we do…make use of the times…it doesn’t always work well if you have little kids along though! :slight_smile:


With these last few trips, we are reminded how much lighter our park treks are. No stroller, no diapers, no snacks, no bags at all. DH and I go thru the no bag line . Best line in the park! I have a bottle of water on a carrier thing. We have cell phones, ids, CC, a bit of cash and maybe a cheap poncho tucked into a pocket. If it’s a heavy all day rain and we use heavier ponchos, I will take a bag to carry the wet ponchos while on rides.

For the May trip, we went down a day early just to have a little time alone. My DH says to me, “you know when it’s just us, they only problem you have to deal with is me”. We love our grandkids, but for some reason sitting on a park bench doesn’t thrill them. We make it a mission to try almost every bench we find. Plus we find, we need more naps than they do. :laugh:


Dec 8 Epcot. We have FPs for Epcot. Probably stay all day, We have 6 PM ADR for Cape May. Afterward back to Epcot.

Dec 9 Epcot. It’s a early day for Epcot and our FPs start late morning. We plan to stay until mid-afternoon. Head to MGM err DHS later in the day. Catch a ride or two but mostly for Osbourne lights.

Dec 10 DHS all day. Stay until early evening, then head back to Epcot.

Dec 11 Going home. We have a mid-afternoon flight, so we’ll be leaving disney about 11:30. Our flight is earlier than we normally take, but the last few trips we were getting home hrs late, so we decided to take a chance on an earlier flight.

Of course on any given day,(except AK day) we may head back to room for a rest during the day. That’s why we tend to visit parks near our resort. Less need for any transportation.

Also we have a waitlist for getting one more at BCV, so our Dec 6th day may change a bit.

A few different things this trip.

No APs, had to think how many days we would really use.

Only two ADRs. We may try for a couple of breakfasts but treating those as last min plans. I had told DH, I’d be happy with just CS all week, but he does have favorites.

Since we won’t be back for at least a yr, getting TIW didn’t make sense for us. When it’s just us, over the course of a couple of trips, TIW saves some money. But when we take trips with the kids, we really save money with 20% off all those meals. On the other hand, not paying for the kids saves us money too. LOL


Oh Jo Jo, I’m just missing you! We arrive December 14th!!! Totally bummed, as I would have loved to have met up at some point.