Pretrip to do lists


since i have 17 hours to go, i am going crazy!! i have most of my stuff done, but got thinking about my to do list. what’s on your list of things you have to do before you leave for your trip? here are some of mine…

I have to clean the house (hate coming home to a mess, or expired stuff in fridge or laundry piled up)!!
Haircuts (and I got a pedicure this time)
double check everything 3,482, 654, 333 times.
charge batteries/download ipod


Go to the Book Exchange and/or Library and stock up for the car/plane ride…


This housework stuff makes me woozy. I leave everything and leave it up to my Cindy to come and make it beautiful and clean. The one and only luxury I have.
But I do have lists for lists to check and re-check :laugh:


yep - i hit amazon and the used book store, as well as waldenbooks (our only bookstore in town)!

also, i bought pins on ebay for trading!!


I always find myself checking to make sure that we have our AP’s and any confirmation paperwork that we need. I must do that over 1,000 times before we leave. I also find myself going into my wallet to make sure I have cash and the credit/debit cards. Im always afraid that Im going to leave that behind and I dont know why.


yep, I have double checked my wallet a few times. its my drivers license I am afraid of forgetting. if i did, it’s an hour back home to get it, and we’d miss our flight!!

still trying to decide about cash - i don’t want too much, but want to have it for quick snacks that we arent using a credit for and extra tips, etc.


All of the above post plus…
Gum for plane ride. We cant buy it at our airport!
Snack for plane ride. Those peanuts are just not enough for my family.
Hand sanitizer for the plane… I think the water in restroom sink not only stinks but is reused… yuck!


Your “day before leaving” checklist sounds just like mine! LOL I actually ended up getting ahead of myself because I’m just too anxious and need something to do so…I loaded my IPod with over a hundred Disney tunes. :slight_smile: I also have cleaning the house on my list because I agree that coming home to any kind of clutter or dish is annoying. I’ll do my own pedi (I’m picky) with little jewels that I’ll glue on in the shape of a “hidden mickey”. I also will call CBR to re-request the island and building that I want and make sure it has the king bed we are paying for. I’ll be checking in with SWA too at exactly 7:10am the day before. In the couple days before, I will be leaving our Mom’s with travel info so they’ll know where we are and such. And, make sure DH is packed since he’s notorious for packing 10 min before leaving. Sheesh. I’m still trying to talk him into letting me pack for him which he’s not diggin’. I’m thinking I’ll just start packing for him and hope he doesn’t stop me!

Good luck in your last few hours before the magic!!!


sleep take a nap


My biggest thing is making sure my house is spottless… I hate coming home to a dirty house…

But anyway… if you are antsy you could always call wdw-dine to confirm your dining ressies! (which reminds me i need to too!)

Have a great trip! I’ll look for you while we’re at Pop on the 27th and 28th!


I cannot believe that you will be there in just a few short hours. Sounds like you are all set.

I will be anxiously awaiting your TR! Have a MAGICAL time and wishing you a fabulous DREAM TEAM experience!!!


got the gum. and sanitizer. REUSED? :blink: :blow: didn’t even think about that!!

what kinds of snacks can you carryon? i hadn’t thought about food - they will be starving - our flight is 7 am!! i was thinking you couldn’t take anything on with the new regulations - gotta get on this now!!! thanks!


momofaprincess - i’ll be on the lookout for you too!! remember - i can be clueless, so if i don’t say anything, its me - not you!!

justa - i will do a trip report (haven’t done one before!) with lots of pics!! thanks for the dream team wishes - we are just thinking it won’t happen, didn’t last time, so if it does…icing on the cake!!


Did you stop delivery on the newspaper and your mail?
I know they let you take fruit on board. We always take bananas. Fills you up and easy to eat. Have fun!!!


Here’s what the TSA emailed me about traveling with food (I’ll be taking our wedding cake top tier).

When traveling with food, the following tips may be helpful:

Single serving packages of condiments will be allowed but must fit inside your One (1) clear zip-top quart size plastic bag
Solid foods that have been frozen must be securely wrapped
Gel packs are not allowed to refrigerate food, only medication
Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint must be discarded unless they are in a 3 oz. or smaller container and fit comfortably in your one quart-size, zip-top plastic bag
After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board aircraft
Passengers are allowed to travel with pies, cakes and other bakery products through security checkpoints. However, doing so may necessitate random additional screening prior to boarding.


thanks tara - i think we’ll hit the McDonalds once in the check point. i know i at least want a starbucks!!