Preview - More to come when I get Home


my first shot at doing a video but here ya go

this is family shots, I will have more disney pics in official trip report in a few days



Nice job! My DH makes a video of all our vacations, they’re great keepsakes. Every once in a while we sit down and have a “Vacation Movie Night”.


Well done! By all those smiles I’m guessing you all had a great time. Hope we see the tr soon.


Great video, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Loved it. Great job. :happy:


Your kiddos are too cute! Loved the video!


You did a great job, it made me smile.

You have 3 happy kiddos there. Your DD looks like she is going to burst with joy after her BBB visit :slight_smile:


Just what I needed today and I loved the music. Great job.


I love this…thanks for sharing!!


Adorable video, and cute kids:cheshire:


Cute family. Glad you had a great trip!


That is awesome!!!


It’s excellent! well done you. You have a lovely family there and it looks like a great time was had by all.


Very nice!:happy: Can’t wait to read about your adventures!


Oh nor me- more please!!!:happy:


Cool video, not bad for your first time.Can’t wait to read your trip report.