Priceline and Expedia -- are they trustworthy?


If you buy airline tickets through these places, do you get an actual ticket in the mail, or an email confirmation?

Are you more likely to get booted off an overfilled flight than someone who bought their ticket through the airline itself?

Any other thoughts? Priceline prices are so low that I am a little nervous about whether it is legit or not, even if William Shatner is the pitchman!


I have used priceline several times- I have nothing but great things to say. You get an email confirmation that you can print out and bring with you but you really just go and show your id and they give you your boarding pass there. I have even flown to Orlando for $75 rt before on priceline- that name your own price is a great deal!


Yes, they are trustworthy. You should be slightly flexible with departure and arrival times. I did once have a problem and “lost” my ticket when I broke a foot bone and had to have surgery. I couldn’t get a refund.


They are good, but just realize that the tickets are non-refundable usually and you only get a credit with the airline if you cancel. Bummer, when you find a cheaper fare after you have purchased. However, they have reasonable rates and its easy to book/claim your seat and show up.


I have used Expedia never priceline.


Priceline gives you an e-ticket confirmation, as well as Expedia.

If you are on an overbooked flight, it depends on when you arrived to check in at the gate, rather than who you bought your ticket from. It would be a discrimination suit just waiting to happen otherwise… :pirate:

Priceline is great for hotels… I use them almost exclusively now.

The only concern, which I discovered, is that if the flight is cancelled, you are a second class citizen. (See my May Trip Report) I got stranded in Chicago because, of all things, winds kept me from arriving in time to catch my connection to San Diego (which was NOT delayed). Suddenly you are as unwelcome as a three day old fish/houseguest… :pinch: