I was fooling around on their site and was quoted $676 for 4 RT from philly to orlando. Has anyone ever used this service before? I usually book with SWA but haven’t came across a ding yet for my dates and without the ding its $720.


My FIL is a priceline fanatic. I don’t think he’s ever used it for flights but he’s used it for hotels and basically they quote you the price but won’t tell you the name of the hotel or the location. So basically it’s a crap shoot, you get a great deal but you aren’t exactly sure where the hotel is or the name of it until it’s bought and paid for. It’s a little scary but if you’re flexible it might work out of the best. As far as I know he’s never had a problem with the bookings not being there or anything like that.


I just googled priceline reviews and 10 back to back bad reviews came up about flights. I guess after reading that I b etter pay the extra $40 and be safe. I just hope SWA comes up with a ding


The difference isn’t enough for me. SWA is so flexible that paying a little more (($10 per person in this case) is worth it because you can cancel your flight at any point. You don’t get your money back but you can use the credit to book another trip. I doubt Priceline is that flexible. Who knows, SWA may lower that fare and you can rebook and get a credit.


We ran into a problem with priceline too, which is that a soccer tournament ended a day early because the team lost, and people who had gotten the ir tickets through priceline couldn’t change their tickets without an enormous fee. So they ended up staying overnight for their original flight.


In my experience:

Priceline- Hotels = Good :happy: Flights = Bad :angry:
(Especially if you do the Name-Your-Own-Price Bidding)

Stick with SWA :cool:


I have done name your price- its worth the savings if you dont mind a stopover- I take what everyone else is offering for a price and then cut it in half- otherwise I stick with Southwest for the value of the ding fare. I have never had issues with priceline flights. I just dont like that I cant pick teh flight or times- I would not buy priceline for regular bookings- its not really a savings over anyone else-


As goofy_scotty said.

Hotels = :wub:

Airlines = :mad:

I am a Priceline fanatic. Each and every hotel I’ve stayed at Disneyland shown below was through Priceline and less than $50.00 on average.

However, I got stranded in Chicago and my Priceline ticket was truly a steerage class ticket. You are at the bottom of the rung. If you have no concerns for time by all means buy the ticket. But beware. You are a leper in the airline industry, and no one will go out of their way to assist you in getting a better flight than the one assigned.


You are always better going with the airline directly. Priceline for airfare is a crap shoot and as long as you are ok with someone else picking things for you, go for it. I’d rather pay the price difference and get what I want and need for my vacation.


The “time as early as 5 am” flight is what steered me away from using Priceline for air.



There are some flights that leave at 2 am to get to Florida.


Hope the pilot has plenty of coffee… :eek:


:blow: I haven’t used priceline but I have used Hotwire. We made an impromtu trip to Disney last April and I couldn’t get a room through Disney but I did Through Hotwire. No problem with Pop but a disaster with the airlines. It took me 26 calls to straighten out their mistake. I thought I would loose my mind. Worse I didn’t feel confident that the problem was resolved until we boarded :eek: