Prices for beverages at resorts?


Here’s a question for you guys…

How much do they charge for alcohol in the gift stores at the resorts? I’ve seen the cases of beer for sale, but I’ve never looked at prices. We just found out that we won’t be getting a car for the upcoming all adults trip we’re taking in October, so we won’t be able to run to the grocery store.

We’d like to be able to have a nice wine cooler/beer at the pool in the afternoon and don’t want to have to pay $10 at the bar everytime. Anyone know?


Darn, I could have checked for you had you posted this yesterday.

Last month we had We Go Shop deliver food, water, soda, and adult drinks to our resort. For orders under $100 it was only $17 for delivery to a WDW resort.


I know! I thought of that!
We just found out last night that the car isn’t happening. This is my cousins’ honeymoon trip and they were the ones that were going to get the car. Well, it turns out that since they’re both 24, they’ll be charged an extra $25 dollars a day to rent the vehicle, and they just can’t afford that increase. (That’s another reason why I’m looking for the cheap drinks!!:laugh: )

We Go Shop is a definite option. I just was looking at their site. I’d have a tough time picking a delivery time though!


We planned our first day close to our resort so one person could go back and meet the delivery, store it, and meet up with us again. It turned out we were all ready for a break by then and the room was ready so it worked out well. We were lucky that Epcot is a short walk to BC where we were staying.

We tried to set a time that we knew we would be ready for a break and our room would be ready. For us that’s usually late afternoon when we would be getting cleaned up for dinner.


Our plane is scheduled to arrive at 2:30pm, so I’m figuring 4 by the time we get to the resort. We were planning to go down to Disney Quest for the afternoon and then we’ve got ADR’s for Raglan at 9.

I think I could miss a little DQ to meet the grocery people.


Can’t give you exact numbers but I can tell you the it AINT cheap!

Figure on about double outside prices.


:pinch: That’s what I was afraid of!


Double? Really?

Lately I noticed their prices aren’t more then say Target . . . at least with sunscreen and digital camera cards!!

The drinks aren’t $10 either . . . back in May when I went to the bar it was like $11 for two drinks a mixed and a draft beer . . . not too bad, guess it depends on how much you’ll be drinking tho! :laugh:


That’s not bad. I’m not a big drinker, but the people I’m going with are.

I never drink around my kids, and since they’re usually with me in WDW I’ve never really priced the drinks, but last December when we were there with my brother, we challenged him to “Drink Around the World” and I know he dropped a small fortune!!

I’m planning on a few around the pool. Too many more than that and I’ll be down for the count!!


I saw someone last trip buy a six pack from AKL it was $16.


I think they are more at Epcot, to slow people down . . . they weren’t too bad at Sports . . .for one or two . . . other wise I’d go the delivery route!


Now that is CRAZY!!!


Just have some items delivered from the grocer. You will pay delivery fee but it probably would be less than they charge at Disney.


How much does a cab to the Hess Station cost? They sell beer/soda/snacks and I’m always surprised at how inexpensive things are.

Like the same $3 bottle of water at Disney is 2/$3 at the Hess??


You can buy bottles of liquor at the hotel gift shops. I know I have seen it all all the monorail resorts as well as Fort Wilderness. My husband always buys a small bottle of Jack Daniels while we are there. I know it wasn’t a great deal for a bottle, but I am sure it is cheaper than buying a couple Jack and Cokes. If you like simple cocktails like that, then that would be more cost efficient. I on the other hand like the fancy martinis and they always taste better when someone makes them for you and they cost $10!!


I think a glotini might even be $12! But at least you get to keep the “ice cube”


Wow! That’s pricey!!

I think I’m leaning toward the grocery delivery.


the prices for six and 12 packs aren’t that outrageous. I always buy a 6 or 12 pack for my trip and keep them in the room. I get “strange bed syndrome” and a beer or two helps me sleep better. I can’t say for sure as it’s been a year, but I want to say the 12 pack was under $20…well under if I remember correctly. Definately WAYY cheaper than buying 12 beers at the resort bar or food court where they are between $3.50 - $5.00 a piece.


Another idea would just be for each of you to pack a bottle liquor in your suitcase. Of course, wrap it in a towel and then Large Zip Lock Bags. It should be ok if you are checking your luggage. I think it is allowed as long as you don’t carry it on the plane.

Also, this reason alone is why I love living a little over 2 hours away from WDW, having a travel trailer to take to Fort Wilderness and being able to load it up before we head out!!


My nephew and his wife put their liquor in a heavy plastic bottle, in a zip bag, then into the luggage. He said it turned out fine.