Prices go


Saw this in the paper today…

ORLANDO- Walt Disney World is raising the price of a one-day, one-park ticket to $67, the company announced Friday.

Disney doesn’t release attendance figures and declined to comment about why they raised prices for the second time this year.

The $4 increase, which includes entrance to all four theme parks, will go into effect Sunday. The new price will also affect the company’s “Magic Your Way” flexible ticket plans, which allows guests to purchase cheaper packages if they stay longer ir visit multiple parks.


thanks! for the Info DisneyGuru. And i love your avatar of the Incredibles. I love the incredibles.


Your welcome… And thanks :wub:


Shnykies!! Thank goodness I never go there for just one day at one park!

They’re really trying to encourage multi-day park hopper purchases with these price raises huh?


CMON already with the price raises!!! DBF and I still have two more tickets to get! Thank goodness I already got the three 7 days hoppers I needed!


Man, I thought Disneyland’s one-day, one-park prices were bad. But if I’m remembering right, they are $10 cheaper than this new WDW price! :whistling


I think your right. I was telling AB it was cheaper for me to get tickets there vs WDW for the park hopper. Unreal :nonono2:


WOW! I thought business was good.


I LOVE your avatar!


Yes I agree! It’s awesome! Really makes me want to watch Cars again!


Thank You and THANKS to Ready2Go!