Prices of tickets


Am I mistaken, or has the price of a day pass to a park gone up more than $10 in the past months? When I asked at the window of MGM last week how much a day pass was, I was told it was $63!!! While Pete and I have our APs, my friend John who is visiting for SWW is going to have to buy a ticket, and that is EXPENSIVE!!! I thought they used to be $50ish???

Oh, and if I use my FL ID to buy the ticket for him (if I even can, I might not be able to if they already have my info in the computer) it will save a whopping $6.

Anyhow, and please correct me if I’m wrong, later in the day we went to EPCOT and just out of curiousity I looked at their day pass price and it was lower. Is that weird or what? Or was it just heat exhaustion that made the numbers wave and wiggle and look different?


The prices went up on January 1, 2005. With the introduction of the Magic Your Way tickets, the one day tickets did increase to $63. Of course, you can get a 7 day pass for $199 as well.