Prime Time vs. Mama Melrose


We just can’t decide between the two. Help me decide on where to eat while at MGM on our next trip! Tell me why and suggestions on what to get there! Whats your favorite appetizer/entree/dessert.


Love mommas! It’s my favorite MGM place to eat!


I guess these aren’t too popular since I only have 3 votes! Or maybe everyones :sleeping:

Come on…help me decide! :biggrin:


Dana whats your favorites at Mamas? If we choose to go there, I would love some suggestions!:flowers:


We tryed the Prime Time on our last trip and it was OK. Mama’s has great food. We will try the Sci-Fi Diner for a Disney experience next time.


I’m not a fan of either restaurant, but I preferred Prime Time to Mama Melroses… Nothing special about Mama’s… if you’ve ever been to a real Italian restaurant (which we have in spades in Massachusetts) you’ll find that the Disney version pales in comparison… It’s theming is nothing more than what you find in an authentic Italian restaurant… just kind of boring…


We have made plans for Mama Melrose because I didn’t know how keen I would be part of the entertainment with the waiter/waitress. If I could just go and eat, I would have chosen 50’s Prime Time because the food sounds yummy.


We went to Mama’s in July and we were presently surprised. We were there years ago and the food was soso then, but this time it was definitely far better than before. My sister ordered the Tender Steak and it was excellent, as was the Sangria! I would definitely go back.


I love the Prime Time Cafe, so I voted for that. I like comfort food on vacation, and the roast there was excellent. And it’s best to go with a bigger group because it’s much more entertaining that way. Especially if you play along. It makes for a fun experience.


i love the Prime Tim Cafe at MGM have great food there


Thanks for all your comments…we still haven’t decided yet. Looks like Mama’s is ahead of Prime Time so far…


We were also pleasantly surprised at Mama’s. The service was outstanding , and we all enjoyed the meal, and the appetizer we had was fabulous, a bruschetta, if I remember correctly. I’ve never been to Prime Time, so I can’t comment on that.


I voted for Mama Melrose because I tend to focus on food quality, rather than experience. I think the food is just better at Mama’s.

Prime Time Cafe can be a lot of fun. If you don’t have dinner there, try lunch, just to see how much fun it can be.