Primeval Whirl


I really do not care for PW, but it seems to have been down forever. What are they doing to it?


I can’t imagine what.
Primeval Whirl is an off the shelf, out of a catalog ride.
The exact same ride in part of several traveling carnivals right this minute.
There really isn’t anything special on the rides that needs to be custom ordered unless they are modifying the load areas for safety reasons.


I agree. What could take so long with this ride. It was down in January and is still down. I would be ok with a completely different ride in that area. One that isn’t vomit inducing!


A maintenance Cast Member was injured and later passed away while working on the refurb of Primeval Whirl. There was an OSHA investigation started soon after. I’m not sure whether the investigation is still ongoing, but I would imagine after this tragedy Disney is going to take their time with things and not rush to get the refurb finished.


The investigation was completed pretty quickly and the refurb has been coming along nicely last I heard. It is scheduled to be up again by the 14th of September. I am hoping it is ready sooner as we will be there the first of the month.


OMG!!! i was AT WDW during this. I even took pics on one of our Animal Kingdom Days of PW a day or so after the accident. We wouldnt have been at AK on that Sunday but would have been there a few days.
I took pics b/c I noticed it was closed but NOTHING was happening, which I found odd


Do you know what kind of refurb is happening? Are they changing the track or vehicles? Seems like a long time for just a cleaning.


I don’t know the details but that ride has a lot of wear and tear. One person told me they are totally replacing the track. Not sure what else though. There is most likely someone here that knows a lot more than I about it.


Barf bags.

I think they are installing heaving holders.


I think that may be a good idea Boss! I not so lovingly refer to it as Primeval Hurl.


Considering this ride is an off the shelf carnival ride, it might just be cheaper to completely replace the entire ride track, controls, and cars.
These rides are built to operate with a minimum of fuss and be “quickly” taken apart, transported, and reassembled. They don’t normally run 365 days a year.
So these rides are wearing out far faster than the norm. (Yes, I know that more often than not, only one side of Primeval Whirl is running)

Yes, they can be maintained, but at some point, it costs less to scrap and replace, but I don’t know if the AK rides are at this point when compared to a version that’s traveling with Amusements of America carnivals, or even with other similar coasters that are permanently installed in seasonal parks.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1087263]Barf bags.

I think they are installing heaving holders.[/QUOTE]

I’d heard that they were developing “wide load” cars and were in the final stages of testing and certification.


LOL! As soon as I saw this thread I kept trying to remember who referred to it as “Primeval Hurl”! Pete shares your sentiment.:blow:


I always noticed that the metal was shaking when we rode it. The supports looked like they were wobbling…There was a certain amount of vibration on that thing that was unsettling. I always noticed it on the back, after you first load… Oh well… Hope they fix that


:laugh: I’m pretty sure that was Cinderbella - about the same time she coined “YUKatori House”. Bella had some good ones. Ah…good times, good times…


Amen!!! I hate Wild Mouse coasters!!


We went to AK 2 times during our August 20th vacation. There was no work going on. I knew about the unfortunate accident but also knew it has been a while and expected something to be going on.

The other thing I noticed was that if the ride is down for rehab wouldn’t the badly faded signs and decorations around the track be replaced? For the amount of time the ride has been closed I did not see much done above the construction walls for a September opening.