Prince Of Persia


Some footage from the film due out 5/28/10
YouTube - Prince of Persia Film, New Footage!


nuff said.


wow is all I can say!!


Now put a cowboy hat on him and I would say Hmmmm… May have to check out the movie :laugh:


another photo


Okay…who is it? He’s pretty to look at.


Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal


hmmm…i have to disagree, i think Jake Gyllenhaal looks more like one of the cavemen from the geico commericals than a hotty lead actor in this film…it’s like his hair just isn’t meshing with his face…

But…the movie looks like it’s gonna be great^^


Trailer YouTube - Prince of Persia Film Official Movie Trailer HD


Oh I like Jake Gyllenhaal. I like off-beat looks. I must say, his muscles were distracting me from looking closely at his face. :laugh:


His face? Oh I didn’t see his face through all those, well, nice muscles. Oh wait you mean that very handsome. fine looking, gorgeous face, oh yeah, it was rather,um, nice to look at.


great trailer - I love these kind of movies


Prince Of Persia… wow am desperately waitinng


I never heard of this movie! I have to get my disney game on.


I’m very confused about JG playing this part, because, um…

-cue 300-style controversy-


I just came back from seeing it. It’s now my 2nd favorite movie based on a video game.


I went and saw it last night. I love the games and I was so excited for the movie when I heard it was being filmed. Needless to say, it definitely lived up to my expectations! In my opinion, the cast was great and even JG’s pseudo British accent wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be! (He usually sounds so very American :blush:). Despite the controversy about the cast not looking very “Persian” I think they did a decent job (the fash shape of some, their tans and style of makeup). We have to remember it’s all fantasy anyway. :happy:

The scenery was also gorgeous and overall it was full of action packed awesomeness! I enjoyed it a lot but I usually don’t take film too seriously to get upset by casting (unless they play their parts badly). I recommend it if anyone’s looking for a good fun action packed Disney film.


I saw this movie opening night and I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to love it. My boyfriend always played the video games and he practically begged me to go with him. I said, “Ehhh well it IS Disney so it has to be at least ‘good’, right?” So we went. I was VERY surprised at how much I LOVED this movie. I thought it would be strange with the “fake Persian” cast…but they worked it out! I completely forgot about them being American about 5 minutes into the movie. The female lead is BEAUTIFUL. It’s weird because I “IMDB’ed” her when we got home and she is naturally pale with red hair! I never would have guessed it from the movie! The acting was great and I believe that Jake will surpass ALL expectations. I encourage everyone to see this one! :slight_smile:


Jake has always been a great actor, and that’s why I was not sure if he would do good in this type of role. I keep thinking about him in that movie about building rockets in the 50’s in a mining town (great movie, but can’t remember the name). I’m looking forward to seeing this movie to prove me wrong in that he can pull off this role.


Disney’s Prince of Persia Sands of Time is coming to Bluray & DVD on September 14th