Prince of persia


okay…okay…so I know I am way behind the times but this weekend I saw for the first time the Prince of Persia…Brilliant Film IMO. But I wanted to know, is thre anything in the parks of this theme yet or were there really no plans for anything of this nature? I wondered in Adventureland maybe?


Nothing in the parks for this franchise. The film ended way below expectations and thus wouldn’t suit us in the parks.


sometimes the epectations in hollywood are to great,take mars needs moms…spent ridiculous amounts of money ona film barely promoted…when I was on my last trip I brought that movie up tp to disney fanatics and they didn’t even know about it…prince of persia in my opinion was a good flick,I believe the numbers world wide made it a success but unless you knock it out of the park it is considered to underperform

#4 interesting numbers did better in foreign markets but exceeded budget for not a bad gross…this doesn’t include BLUE RAY DVD SALES


Tangled (2010) - Box Office Mojo interesting numbers on this film I wonder if they would consider this movie a success,and someone please explain the budget …yes the toy sales etc are not included but that budget is huge …


I enjoyed Prince of Persia. I am surprised that Disney has not done more with it.


I enjoyed it as well, but I agree with Rowdy, it was not deemed a success. Such a shame, it was a good film.


I liked the movie. I know that it was based off a video game so I am not sure about how they rate it a success or not. Kinda like Narnia movies I think they turned a profit but enough of a profit for them.


I saw it at the drive-in last summer and really enjoyed it. This is why Disney needs a park that is geared more toward teens/adults…Prince of Persia rollercoaster would be cool.


My husband loved the game first, and we both own and love the movie. Disney dropped the ball cuz this could be as big as the mummy series if done well.


Caught it for the first time myself the other night and it was an ok film! Think I need to watch it again to really get into it though!