Princess and the frog!


Was soooooooooo much better than I anticipated!!! I took my 3 year old. It was her first time going to a movie theater. It kept her attention for the most part which is really hard to do with her. I wish I would have seen it before seeing the riverboat show. The setting on the liberty belle makes so much more sense and fits actually quite well!


just got home from seeing it and both girls loved it. but my youngest did get a little scared with the shadow figures. but it was a well done movie. Told the DW that I will not be surprised to see a Tiana’s named resturant at MK before it is said and done in the near future. Disney definately has another hit. The girls have been waiting to see the movie every since they met Princess Tiana in Oct. when we where at Disney.


It was awsome and this is the only disney princess movie i could watch more than once a week since it takes place in my home state, and because i don’t see a black dot in the top right corner of the screen every 5 minutes (unlike cinderella, snow white, shall i go on?) :smile:


Really cute movie… total New Orleans culture… really fun for the 10 year olds that I took today… and the 7 and 6 year old little boys…


I loved it! I will admit that I cried at the near the end…it was so well done and an awesome return to aniamtion. Lovely…


My whole family loved it.


I am excited to see this movie. DW and I really enjoyed the music of the boat show.


I can’t wait to go today!!


I took the kids on Monday to see the show, it was amazing. DS7/DD5/DD3 all loved it. The girls danced with the music and their attention never left the screen. I enjoyed it as well. Beautiful animation, very cute story. I also found the movie quite magical because it was located in New Orleans. Our favorite Disney resorts are the POFQ and POR resorts and during the movie so many things reminded me of our trips and brought me some real Disney magic during the show. Afterwards, I felt even more of an appreciation of how well Disney does in the themes of their resorts. Well done Disney!


I saw it the day after it came into theaters.

I thought it was wonderful. It will fit right into my lovely Disney Princess Classics section of my movie section.


I am going to take my DD as soon as I can to see it too. I am really looking forward to it.


MY DD5 and I went to see it yesterday! Loved it!
My DD can’t wait until our June trip so she can meet her!


I loved how it fit in with the theme of those resorts! It made us excited for our stay at POR again!!


Ooooo I really can’t wait to see this movie!! Its getting such good feedback!