Princess apron? hmmm


well, i found remnants at Walmart for around 2 bux each and today i threw together an apron.

the question is, would a princess really ever HAVE to wear an apron? hmm. :smiley: oh well it was fun, and making it anyway!


That’s cute, you just need to get your Prince to wear it. :laugh:


That’s wonderful, I wish I were that talented. Kudos to you. Maybe princesses have no need to wear an apron, but a princess wanna bee like me would love it. Lynn


Very nice job.


Thanks for the kind words, peeps! I think I’m gonna list it as an item for a flickr swap. I’ve got more fabric, so I can make some potholders or suttin.


cute! if you have enough, make one for kids - those go like crazy sometimes - as craft aprons and stuff.


Or make a child size and a baby doll size.

I had gotten some tulle (sp) (that netting stuff) and shimmery material and made my DGD “dancing” skirts like cinderella. So they are nice and full and poofy…only thing is…she likes to wear them inside out.:laugh: :laugh:


oOo great ideas! I have enough to make a little kids apron. :smiley:


very cute!!!


Love it!! Great job!