Princess dresses


I didn’t know where to put this question so I’ll stick it in here.

Here’s the question----

How outrageous are the prices of the princess costumes at WDW?

Do I buy now (from an internet site --not Disney) or should I wait until we get down there?


I think they are a pretty penny at WDW!!! (I remember looking in October and one I saw was $65) You can get them for $30 or so at the Disney Store! (even cheaper from ebay, if you want to go that route) I just saw the Belle dress at my local Disney Store for $29.50.


I have seen the princess dresses at Walmart even. I’m not sure if they would be the right size, but it’s worth looking.


You’re right. I got a Cinderella one on ebay a few months ago for my December trip, just because I was worried about not being able to get it when I wanted it!! My daughter is 1, and I got size 2-3. She can use it for another year or two! I got it for $15 including shipping and handling. The price on it was $34.50 from The Disney Store.


We also got some really cute ones at Walmart. The sizes were pretty limited, but the material was good.


Check out, they have a lot of different choices for each princess, along with different prices!


Thanks everyone!
I’ve been checking out ebay but they all seem to go up to more than what I want to pay (especially since I’ve seen the same ones on Toys r My DD is still flipping back and forth between princesses so I’ll probably still wait to buy until closer to our trip.

The only costumes that I’ve seen recently in the Disney Store (we’re there all the time–kind of our local Disney fix) have been Belle and Cinderella costumes and they are ballet costumes-- which actually would be ok in the florida heat! But DD doesn’t want Belle or Cinderella—Maybe the Disney Store will start getting the reg halloween costumes come september? Hopefully DD will be decided by then…(she’s 2 1/2…)

Thanks again!


I’m not sure when your trip is but at Halloween time, all the party stores will have princess dresses pretty cheap.


we’re going sept 24-oct 1


I just saw those ones at Walmart yesterday, they are in the toy section. I can’t remember how much they cost, but it was less than $20.


I’m not sure, but I think I remember paying $45 for one 6 years ago.


I ordered from Toys r, the princess dresses… since my dd couldn’t decide between ariel and aurora I got her both!!! For 19.99 a piece!! Thought I’d bump this with this info if anyone else happens to be looking for the same!


I received the dresses I had ordered thru and thought that I’d follow up in case anyone else is interested.

My dd is modeling…


They have them out around August or they did last year.


here’s the ariel dress…


and here’s the aurora dress…


we bought the crowns from


Those dresses are beautiful as is your DD heart:


Thanks Dana! :wub:


Aww! So cute!