Princess Half Marathon


Anyone else planning on running this half marathon next February? I am!


I really really really want to :wub:- Registration opens tomorrow & I’ve been dropping hints to the DH for weeks! I really want to Run Disney at least once-I’m doing my 3rd half in November. I’m also graduating with my BSW in December- after 8 years, 3 kids & a job I’m thinking a RunDisney trip would make a great graduation gift!! Will this be your first Princess Half? I think I could talk DH into a 4 day trip if I could get a great deal. All of our WDW trips have been in September during Free Dining.


This is my first half and my first Run Disney experience. I’m actually going down by myself. I officially register today!


One thing I have heard about running Disney races…don’t go for time, go for experience. I haven’t been able to work it into my schedule to run one, but hope to soon, but I have heard they are crazy crowded. Plan to have a camera handy to take pictures and enjoy the experience! Post pictures here!
Congrats on deciding to do your first half! I found they were really addictive! I’ve done 7 and have at least one planned for this fall, possibly adding another. Training for my first full maration to be run on New Year’s Eve!


Yes, I’m definitely not trying to be speedy. My only goal is to finish lol. Without being swept. I’m definitely going more for the experience. I really have no desire to run anything other than Run Disney when it comes to the longer runs. I am doing a few other non-Disney 5ks this year, but when it comes to a half, it’s Disney for me. I am going to bring my small compact camera. I turn 30 in April and this is a kind of big hoorah for my birthday.