Princess meal at Epcot


We have reservations for the storybook princess meal at Epcot. I just wondered if anyone has gone to this and what you thought about it. We’ve been to Chef Mickey’s several times and loved it. We thought this would be a change of pace.


If you want to get most of the princesses in one shot, this is the easiest way. We tried to go for breakfast one year, but the restaurant flooded :crying:, so they just had the princesses come out and do meet and greets outside and refunded our money. Last time, we went for lunch, and I honestly don’t remember much about the food. But, it was fun, loud, and the princesses come around to your table, just like any other character meal, so you will get to meet them all (except Cinderella).


mmcdavid, do you have a little princess of your own? Lots of little tiny princesses go to the breakfast each morning, and many of them are totally decked out like their favorite princesses – there are tons of little Snows, little Cindys, little Belles and Ariels, tiny Tinks and so forth. So, if you have a little one, she might like to dress up! There are also plenty of young pirates that go to the breakfast too, I should add! LOL


We did a lunch there and did not like it at all.I hope the breakfast would be better.


We’ve done the breakfast and we loved it!!! My DD dressed up as Aurora and she loved the attention that the princesses gave her when they saw her!!

And welcome to Mousebuzz!!


The Storybook Princess meals are our first character meals we book each trip. We have done the breakfast (great cheesy potatoes) and the dinner (Can’t remember what I ate but I know I was very pleasently surprised and I am sort of a picky eater!). Each trip we go back and forth trying to decide which meal we should have there, so I definately say check it out! The character variety seems to be better at the dinner, so that is what we picked this upcoming trip!


Thanks for all the info. Especially the part about dressing up. I have two DDs one 15 and one 5. I also have a 5 year old niece that will be with us. I’m sure the two younger ones will love dressing up for the meal. The 15 year old isn’t too far gone from liking it either, but she may refrain this time. We will also have a 7 year old nephew that will be there. He’s not into the dressing up thing, but he likes pretty ladies so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it too!


We loved the SBP breakfast! So much so we booked it again for November. My DD doesn’t deck all out for the breakfast because she doesn’t want to wear all that around all day. But she does wear a crown and sash usually. The 15 year old may want to a crown (alot of the teenagers were wearing them). By the way they sell the crowns and sashes right outside of the restaurant.


Never done the lunch, but have done the breakfast many times. It is one of our FAVORITES! Great interaction with the princesses, and the food is wonderful at breakfast! I love, love, LOVE the cheesy potatoes they serve! YUMM-O!