Princess Meet and Greet?


It is me or am did I imagine that there is a new meet and greet at the MK and that you can make a ressie to see the Princesses? I have a friend with a 4 year old who will be going to WDW in early 2012 for the first time and they were not able to get ressies at CRT or SBP.

I am trying to get as much info for them as possible because as with any 1st trip and being 4 years old meeting the Princesses is a top priority:happy: Sadly my DDs are growing beyond the meet the Princesses stage (for now) but thankfully still love to be in WDW:wub:



You can meet princesses at Town Square Theater on Main Street - no ressies, but you can get a Fastpass. Mickey and Minnie are in the Theater too, but that’s a separate line (and separate Fastpass).

Here’s a video from the Disney parks blog for the Theater’s opening:
Town Square Theater Debuts at Magic Kingdom Park Disney Parks Blog

Here’s the official info about the Theater:
Town Square Theater | Walt Disney World Resort


This is a random curiosity question: is a “Meet the Princess” FP like a ride FP, where you can’t get another until your window opens up?


You are correct. There is also one for Mickey at Town Sqare Theatre. Usually, there is no need for a fastpass at this location because being so new, a lot of people are still unaware of who are in the building!


What we did was FP for Princess , while zoomed through the Mickey line. As soon as we were done we used our Fp got through both in less than 15 min. At the princess meet and greet you will find Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella(Not a big Cindy fan but she was the best).


Are there more than one princess to meet??


Aurora, Cinderella, Belle


The truth is, you never know who you are going to get. Usually, it’s Aurora, Belle and Cinderella, but you could get Ariel. You could get Tiana. Heck, I’ve even taken care of Rapunzel there!

You may also not always get 3 princesses. We try to always have 3 there but it’s never a guarantee.

It’s almost always a surprise.


since the grotto is closed is Ariel anywhere (other than the chance sighting you mentioned)?


Akershus at Epcot for the princess dining , shes not guaranteed but Ive been told she’s almost always there. My daughter was lucky enough to be in her processional group.


The Veranda porch next to the Adventureland Bridge. GUARANTEED.


Thank you!! you just made my girls very happy! :wub:


Thank you!!! My friends went ahead and made ressies at Akerhouse and CRT