Princess Storybook Breakfast


So I book our september vacation today and got the free dining (yippee!!!)
and i made two adr’s (so far—more to come!) one for the princess storybook breakfast in norway at epcot and one for sci-fi.

my question is has anyone been to the princess breakfast in norway? was it good… we are pretty much going since my daughter LOVES :heart: :wub: the princesses and this character dining is only one table service meal (unlike Cinderella’s royal table, which i found out over the phone tonight was 2 even for breakfast!!!)

Tomorrow i’ll be calling for our Le Cellier’s!! YEAH!


I have been, but did not like it. the restaurant seemed to closed in and the seating was horrible. That and the service was at a snails pace. The food and characters were perfect however. Please note that I went when it was fairly new and all the reviews I have read recently have been fairly positive.