Princess Tea at Grand Floridian


I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter and I was told we have to do tea at the Grand Floridian with Princess Aurora, I believe the cost for the two of us is over $200.00. Is this a priceless event? Is it a must for DD and I? Your thoughts please. :wub:


I’ve never been to it since I have a boy but here are some reviews:


Definately, I would say that this is a priceless event. My daughter had just turned 6 - she loves all of the princesses. But after this event, she will tell you that Princess Aurora is her favorite. I don’t think that this is an event that you do every trip, but I do think that you try it at least once. Also, if there is a special ocassion, other than the just being at Disney, that might be a good reason as well. My Mother in law, who had two sons, was on this trip with us. My daughter is the first grand daughter, so for us, the tea party was special because it was the trip that her Grandmother was with us. Everytime I looked at my Mother in law, she was dabbing at her eyes trying to keep the tears back. It truely is a special event - Disney does an outstanding job making each of the girls, and some boys, feel extravagant and extremely special. I would not trade our tea party for the world. I am not sure that I would do it a second time, but the time we did go was priceless. Ok, do I sound like a visa or mastercard commercial? :tongue: If you can afford it, definately, go for it!


I took Karlie for her 6th birthday and it is something that I think she will remember always. It is pricey, but the girls get over $50 in merchandise-an american-girl type doll dressed in an Aurora outfit, a tiara for themselves and a bracelet. It was great fun and very special.


This is a must-do for our next trip! Like someone said earlier, it is something you should do at least once! It’ll be something to always remember! :wub:


What do you all recommended as the oldest (and youngest) age for a daughter for the tea?

my husband is rolling his eyes as he doesn’t want to go. I told him he wasn’t invited.


good lord, I looked on the WDW website and it’s $225 and a mother and her daughter.
Extra adult is $75, an extra child if $150 :eek: seems a bit steep!
But if you have the means it does sound amazing.


I prefer British High Tea, which they also have at the GF. :slight_smile: But then I see tea as a British thing rather than a gender-specific thing. :smiley:

and the difference between Twinings’ Earl Grey and other brands of Earl Grey is that Twinings’ is drinkable


THANK YOU!!! I’m going to bring SO much tea with me to Florida, we only buy our tea from the british import shops, it’s just not the same. My favourite is PG Tips, sooo good!


PG Tips is lovely. However, you will have vast, vast amounts of tea available from the Twinings shop in the UK pavilion so you may not need to bring any! :smiley:



oooooooooh good!!!
I had totally forgotten about that! I actually have become e-friends with a few girls going down on the same date as I am who are form the UK and thy’re bringing me some treats too :tongue: hee hee


Very cool! Which, er, they also sell at the UK pavilion. Never fear, Aero bars and the like are in abundance. :happy:

lovely bubbly


When did the price go to 225? Most still show it as 200.

Either way, I just personally can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps if I didn’t have the time or planning/resources accessible to make a mom/dd event happen, I might feel differently. I think I would also feel differently about it if (a) Aurora were at the tea for the WHOLE event, and (b) there were fewer guests at the tea (more personal). But in the end, I guess I’m too easily distracted by just how far I can go, on my own, with $225 in WDW, and obtain something reasonably special and unique!

I take dd on a special mom-and-me day into the parks every trip (DH takes the boys somewhere forthe day and we meet at the end, LOL). So let’s say we start the day dressy and hit Cindy’s for b’fast at 8 am - a picture of her in front of the castle, with no one else but her - priceless! For the meal for two, there’s $54 bucks, plus a tax/tip. I have a pin wating for her that I slip onto her plate - $8.95. She gets to meet several princesses, photo ops, etc. Then we change clothes, cruise around MK and do everything she wants to do - ride splash mountain 3 times? We can do that! Go see Ariel and ride Cindy’s horse in the carousel… sure. For a late afternnon break/lunch, we grab our fancy duds again and morph into tea time at the GF - where I present her with a pretty little silver bracelet. Or maybe a charm for the bhracelt she already has. There’s about 15-20, plus add another 35 for her tea and mine. After our “tea”, we can do whatever she wishes - head back to MK, or maybe I take her to a shop where either I let her pick a Disney doll and clothes, or I “gift” her with one I’ve chosen in advance… whatever. There’s another 40 or 50. So now we’re at roughly $180 or so. That still leaves us around 40 bucks to grab some evening nibbles together and watch WISHES, maybe buy a photo of the two of us together, or have a silhoutte done… I’ve now obtained a day’s worth of memories for the same cost as the 2hr tea. Now granted, I left cost of park ticket out - but I can easily structure a day of fun WITHOUT even entering the parks - we could maybe do a kid’s grand adventure at GF, or do a spa “my first manicure” and then dress up for afternoon tea, do the doll, pin, bracelet etc, and then do dinner at 1900 PF - you get the idea, and we would never have to set foot in a park.

Basically, I am not opposed to spending $225 on a “day to remember” with my dd, but I think I get more memories doing it on my own, LOL. Besides, what my dd recalls most about our last two mom/dd days together are not the princesses, the castle, the “stuff” - she will tell you with a glowing smile that for one whole day, she had mom, all to herself. :wub: The fact that we were sharing that time in WDW was just the icing on the cake, and I guess my feeling is that, for us, we can make that icing go a lot farther (and cover a lot bigger “cake” !) on our own.

JMHO, YMMV, etc. and FWIW, Disney’s concept of doing something special, more personal, for parent and child to enjoy toegether is a really good one… wonder when they will create something for boys?!? (Maybe “Pillage with a Pirate!” and have a keg party or “My Super Space Ranger” with Buzz and eat freeze-dried astronaut food and TANG, LOL…) :wink:


Don’t you have Aero bars in the US? :eek: I know you don’t have Caramilk - which is a sad, sad thing. :crying:

Don’t worry, Tessa, you can even get Coffee Crisps in the Canada Pavillion.

On the Princess Tea subject (sorry for hijacking).

If your little girl loves the Princesses, and you can afford it - (it is obscenely expensive :eek: ) Why not? My younger daughter would have been in 7th heaven if it had been around when she was young. My older daughter could have cared less.


Almost exclusively in shops which sell British imports. :sad: Textured chocolate isn’t well-known here. Fortunately more places (like World Market and the like) are starting to have them. :happy:



Welcome to DC, gopherit! Your ideas sound amazing - my oldest DD would appreciate a day like that much more than the Princess Tea. Heck - I’d love a day like that! Although a manicure at the GF probably costs as much as the Princess Tea! lol


Oh dear Llama, I’m going to have a rough go in the US! :eek: lol
At least I can buy Coffee crisp, that is good news


I once found Caramilk in the “exotic food” section of Publix. I thought that was so funny. Hey - I’m exotic and didn’t even know it!


Well - you know, “It Makes a Nice Light Snack” :wink:


my husband is rolling his eyes as he doesn’t want to go. I told him he wasn’t invited.

We just did this last December and there were two Dads there. I think they thought it was a father/daughter thing. The mem were so cute all dressed up!

I absolutely loved this as my mom came with us too. It was a once in a lifetime experience as it is very expensive.

My daughter still plays with her doll and talks about it. She was seven when we went and I hope she will remember it. I will always have fond memories of this!