Princess/Pirates party at Magic Kingdom


I am heading to DisneyWorld in February, any word of dates for the Princess/Pirates Party for 2008?


I have been searching for that answer myself. I can only find that it WILL return in 2008, but no specifics yet.


I hope it is when we go.


RowdyRAider posted here earlier that the Pirates and Princes Party will take place EVERY Saturday night all year long in 2008, with the exception of the Christmas holidays.


Thanks…must have missed that.


Thanks Kent.


You’re welcome “Goofy”! :biggrin: :wink:


After the holidays the P&P party will be held every saturday night. I got this from a CM on the “in”.


Whoops…responded without reading your post kent. Sorry about that.:blush:


I hope this is true . . . can’t wait to find out for SURE! P&P is SO FUN! :heart:


I’ve never been to P&P, but I hear they have the best firework show!


Yeah!!! I think the P&P party will be perfect for next August!!! My kiddos will be 5 ( a princess) and & 7 ( a pirate)!!!:laugh:


Never been, can’t wait – thanks for the info!!


Do we know if we’ll have to buy special party tickets or will it be for all guests?


It has been a hard ticket event and I would think that it will continue that way.


I hope it is every Saturday in 2008. We had a great time in January this year. We went to the very first one and loved it!