PrincessPooh family ADR choices are:


OK, I finally finalized all my ADR’s for December…or atleast, for the time being. I’ve already called and cancelled and re-set more reservations than I care to admit. Anyway, here ya’go!

Fri 12/08: Arrival day, no parks, just resort time and maybe some DTD shopping.
600 pm Artist Point @ WL

Sat 12/09: Epcot day
830 am Ohana Lilo and Stitch bkst @ Poly
710 pm LeCellier @ Epcot WS

(hoping to catch the 5 pm candlelight processional, but haven’t done the package…still not sure if DD will sit through it)

Sun 12/10: MK Day
825 am Crystal Palace bkst @ MK
715 pm Hoop de Doo Revue @ FW

Mon 12/11: MGM Day
840 am Playhouse Disney bkst @ H&V
530 pm Mama Melrose @ MGM

(hoping to convert this to a Fantasmic! pkg, but right now the latest Fantasmic! pkg reservation I could get was 3:40 and that just wasn’t going to happen for our dinner time!)

Tue 12/12: MK Day
Roaring Forks QS bkst @ WL
600 pm Liberty Tree Tavern Christmas dinner

(Also the night of our first MVMCP)

Wed 12/13: AK Day
820 am Whispering Canyon bkst @ WL
QS dinner at AK either Flame tree or Tusker house

(hoping to ge to the campfire sing-a-long and movie at FW this night)

Thurs 12/14: Epcot Day
Roaring Forks QS bkst @ WL
720 pm Cinderella’s Gala Feast @ 1900 Park Fare

(DH is also doing Divequest at the Living Seas this day…AGAIN!)

Fri 12/15: MGM Day
820 am Whispering Canyon bkst @ WL
540 pm 50’s Primetime Cafe @ MGM

Sat 12/16: MK day/Departure
Roaring Forks QS bkst @ WL
1205 Cinderella’s Royal Table lunch @ MK

So what do y’all think?

We’ve done Crystal Palace and LTT (but not at Xmas time), and we’ve done Cindy’s breakfast before they changed it, but other than that, everything is new to us. I’m so excited to try these new places, and see the other resorts that I’ve never seen!


I think it looks great! Are you doing Whispering Canyon twice at 8:20am within 2 days of each other, or is that a typo??

Wait, maybe you are doing it both days since you are staying at WL…duh! :huh:


Your plans look great! You are so lucky to get to stay at WL at Christmas, I’ve always wanted to see it all decorated.


Steph, I saw it decorated in 12/03 and 12/04 and if you can believe it, it is even MORE gorgeous than it normally is!!! What a BEAUTIFUL resort. :mickey:


I’ve heard it just beautiful. Maybe some day we’ll get there at holiday time. The problem is we can’t give up family time to go on vacation right now, there’s too much guilt in. We spend our WHOLE break visiting family and right now I can’t give that up but some day we will get there.


PrincessPooh, your plans look great. I am going the week before you and I am also very excited about seeing it at Christmas !!


I love all your choices. :heart:


Those are some really great choices!
Wouldn’t change a thing.


Sounds great! Can I come?


Artist Point! Artist Point is ALWAYS a good idea! :happy:


Hey Jen, we can always use a babysitter for a night out!


Sounds great PrincessPooh! Can’t wait to hear how your Christmas dinner goes! I always wanted to do Christmas in WDW! Some day… :happy: