Priority seating for Fantasmic


What restaurants offer priority seating for Fantasmic?


I think only Brown Derby, Mama Melrose, and Hollywood & Vine offer Fantasmic! packages. We ate at H&V last summer and really liked it.


Can you do the dining plan with the Fantasmic Package??


Kim, I’ve heard that you can now use the dining plan with a Fantasmic package. Brown Derby is two TS credits and the other two count as one TS credit.


DisneyTeacher has got it right! H&V is great! But the Cobb Salad at the Brown Derby is Nirvana!


Yep! The only thing they make you do is give a credit card to reserve. But other than that the CM told me it would be handled the same as any other Meal Plan dinner - and only 1 sit-down credit per person!


I prefer sitting in the middle of the stadium,so I don’t do the Fantasmic package. You sit in the extreme right of ths stadium.


I did H&V back in Jan with the dining plan. Like Mickaholic said, you sit on the right side of the stadium, and you go in through a special entrance. The seats weren’t dead center, but they weren’t bad at all.


so if you get a reservation for the above mentioned resturants you can watch fantasmic from there?


No, you enjoy your meal at the restaurant you chose as part of the package and then you are escorted through an alternate entrance and directed to seats that are “reserved” in the theater. The restaurants are no where near the theater.


Yeah, they do put you to the side, but I was glad I didn’t have to wait 2 or more hours for the center. We had a great view and I really didn’t feel we missed anything by sitting to the far side. We ate at H&V and it was yummy!!! Definitly worth it to go!!!


If you aren’t on the dining plan but you have the Disney’s Dining Experience card,be aware that you will not be able to use the card if you want the Fantasmic package.


On the other hand, sometimes it seems that if it’s close to showtime and they still have passes available, CMs have the option to be nice and just slip you the pass anyway. I had this happen on Jan. 1 this year at Hollywood and Vine. I wouldn’t be expecting it, but you just don’t know.


how i can get the fantasmic prority seating. do you have the phone number for fantasmic dinner package.:mickey:


407-WDW-DINE, same as for all other Priority Seatings and other dining options at WDW.
Would you believe it’s on my speed dial on my cell phone. So is WDW-PLAY and WDW-MAGIC (reservations).


thanks soundgod for the info our family make the reservations to the fantasmic dinner package.:mickey:


This is AWESOME news!!! I will DEFINITELY do this in December…for both Fantasmic AND Candlelight Processional!!! YAY!!! :tongue:


We always get the “dinner and a show” package. The seats are fine (first ones out!) and no waiting in the long queue is priceless. H&V is fantastic… be sure to request Laura when you check in - she’s the best waitress we’ve ever had - anywhere! The food is great - and I’d say that even if it wasn’t the only choice for those of us with little ones. Mama’s is “heavy” and the BD is too “upscale” for us. We’re annual passholders so we’ve never used the meal plan, but I’m sure we’ve used our DDE card to pay. Be sure to get one of those fancy drinks with the glow-cube in a plastic cup for the road…
Just my 2% of a dollar!

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo: