Priority Seating Res


Just a quick question.

Can I make priority seating reservations if I haven’t paid for the package in full??? I just placed a reservation and put down the deposit but don’t need to pay in full until August.




yes you can.
we also only paid the deposit and ours is also due in august and i was allowed to make mine for the entire week we are at wdw.


I believe that now anyone can make PS’s. Remember CRT requires payment in full when you res.


One thing has nothing to do with the other. All guests are ecouraged to make priority seatings. There are a few dining locations that will require a nominal deposit held against your credit card in case you don’t show or cancel in time (CRT breakfast), the CM helping you will tell you which ones, but other than that go ahead and make your PSs.


Thanks for the replies. Off to make my phone call…



We made our ADR’S for September and our trip isn’t paid off yet.


What did you come up with for ADRs? I love to see where people eat at WDW.


Sure you can! And you should be sure to do the tough PSs first, like if you want a character meal – they sell out quick!


So are things usually pretty booked up at all of the resturants that you can’t just stop in and eat where you choose?

It looks like we’ll be having the free dining when we go at the very end of August, so should we book our meals for all of the days in advance? Do you still have to pay a deposit even if you have free dining?

That’s kind of too bad if the chances of just walking in are slim…


When it comes to eating where and what I want at WDW, I don’t want to leave special meals to chance. But even when making PSs, try to build in some flexibilty in to your plans. And it costs nothing to make your PS. It’s a service to make life easier for guests and CMs.


Well, last year we went at the same exact time in September with the free dining plan.

Last year we made only two reservations before leaving. One being the Poo buffet in MK. We did this because we heard that it books up quick. When we were waiting for our table, there were LOTS of people walking up trying to get a table, but they weren’t taking anymore walkins, so we were glad we made that one.

After we were at Disney a couple days, I called from MGM and made a bunch more reservations one for Le Cellier. So even when we were there, it was not hard to get a reservation. Most places we walked up to without reservations we got a table within a couple minutes. There wasn’t alot of people down there at that time.

This year, we will go to a few different places to try them out. It helps to look up their menus beforehand and decide if there is food there that you will enjoy. I was shying away from Coral Reef because we don’t eat fish, but saw they have filet mignon, so we’re definately going there…



Cloverboy -
With the free dining, I highly suggest making all of your table service ADr’s in advance. You can expect it to be as hard to get a table this trip as you said it was last trip. Good lcuk. Please let us know what you have picked. Like Disney Teacher, I love to look at people’s dining plans.


I go during the slower seasons, and I see ADR’s simply as a safety net to ensure I get into the places I want to eat. Usually, we show up early for the ADR and get right in.


Ok, I made our ADR’s today for our trip in September.

Sunday- Liberty Tree Tavern
Monday-Coral Reef
Tues-Mama Melrose Fantasmic Pkg. (Haven’t seen show even after three trips)
Wed-Le Cellier
Thurs- TBD
Fri- TBD

Hard to get ressie at Le Cellier for table for five. Earliest seating was 8:30.
So we made ressie for table for four and table for two.
Unfortunately :slight_smile: the inlaws will have to sit at another table…far…far…away…

Still thinking about what to do the other two days. Any suggestions??? We have a
three yr. old with us…



We too are going with my in-laws (Party of 5 for all of our ADR’s) and we also have a 3 (well she will be 3 by then) yr old DD.

Have you thought about a character meal, like Crystal Palace or maybe a character breakfast?

We also (like you) have yet to see fantasmic! I told DH we are going this year… no if’s and’s or but’s…

your ADR’s sound great!