Priorty Seating done!


I just got my Priority Seating arranged for my up coming trip
10/7/07 Sunday open
10/08/07 Monday Goofy’s Kitchen (Dinner) First time for dinner
10/09/07 Midievil Times Dinner Show
10/10/07 Rain Forrest (Dinner)

We will be eating lunch in the park as it suits us, Turkey legs, corn dogs, etc.



Congrats! We are going to DL next September and I can’t wait. Let us know how Goofy’s Kitchen is. Sounds fun and my DH is a huge Goofy fan!!


It’s always nice to check that off the list. Hope you were able to get all the ADR’s you wanted.


We have had breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen several times. In some ways, I found it superior to the buffets at WDW. The food is wonderful and the pastry’s are just pieces of Disney Art. The cupcakes are almost too cute to eat, but I ate it! I wll let you know how the dinner buffet is. They are supposed to have Prime Rib.


Thanks! We are always looking for new places to eat at DL.