Private Character Photo Sessions


I was wondering if anyone knows if you are still able to book private photo sessions with your favorite character, and if so do you know the price and how I go about reserving a session? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Well, that’s not been going on for the longest time as far as I know. Lord knows I never get booked for that kind of session except for magazine photo shoots :laugh:


Rowdy, You’re the coolest!!!


I thought you could book a character experience for about $3,000. but it’s not necassarily called a “photo session.” I could be COMPLETELY wrong here, I am basing this information on the Mickey Mouse we saw that appeared for a couple’s engagement. We spoke to a CM about it and he said that’s about how much it ran.


It was a nice try! :wub:


Well, there are PLENTY of characters here that will pose with you! :biggrin:


Characters here on MouseBuzz? :laugh:


The best possible way to see the characters without paying a small fortune and waiting a year in line is to book character meals. Research the ones that interest you and book breakfast, lunch or dinner at one. The charcters come to you…you can take pictures etc…why pay for a private session when you can have one for the price of your meal?